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Name Veerle
Siblings Her twin brother Merlijn
Personality Veerle is a rather strickt person that doesn't get her twin brother at all. She usually is angry with him, mainly because he experiments in her house. But she loves her brother deeple, and if he is in trouble, she'll help him out. 
Veerle is single, but she likes it this way, she's a free woman :p


Name Gri´kisdu
Place of hatching Savannah
Age Adult
Personality hot-tempered but very faithful, and will always defend their Knight


Next up was a fire drak. His red was fierce, nobody had seen such bright colour yet, and it seemed to reflect the draks personality.
Striding like a true fire drak it went to the aspirants. The fire drak opened his mouth and showed his teeth. Then it went towards Veerle.
"if anybody tries, They'll have to go through me!"
Veerle arched her braw. She didn't really need protection, but hey.. The drak would find it out soon enough.
"Gri´kisdu" Aardenis called.


Veerle and Gri´kisdu stayed at Savannah caste. They liked it there and since the castle needed people for their castle, she was very willing to stay. 
When she met everybody from the mansion, they all fell back in their normal lives, exepct that they were now living on another planet, bonded to a drak, and were living in a castle in stead of a mansion.

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