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Name John
Siblings nobody knows really
Personality John is a silent kinda guy. He won't talk if it isn't needed. Only Helena and merlijn have heard him speak, and even then it isn't much. 
He lives together with Helena, but only as buddies. He knew Helena from when they were little and ever since, they have been friends. 
John likes most of Merlijns inventions, but will never help Merlijn, simply because that would talk all the fun out of Merlijns days.


Name Vysawph
Place of hatching Dun Keiba
Age Adult
Personality Very quiet like his knight. And when he speaks (wich happens rarely) he blurts out something without thinking ahaid

Hatching Story

The Desert male that approached John said nothing, so when they left for the tables of food to nurish the draklings without saying a word, Nysyph said to the records keeper, "Vysawph iss hiss name."
They conected instantly. from the moment the Desert drak showed his muttled brown skin. But words weren't necesary. 

Adult story

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