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About dark basements and exploding machines

Deep in the basement of a mansion, A wicked scientist was bend over a machine. His black hair was standing very wildly, his glasses were very thick and they kept falling from his nose.

Mumbling in himself, he pushed his glasses back, and checked everything.
”Today will be the day that I succeed as a scientist!” He turned a big red switch, and for a second, everything seemed alright, but then, the machine started to shake violently. All lights started to flicker, even the ones lighting the place.
”Oh oh..” The mad scientist whispered just before the machine blew.

“MERLIJN!” a really dangerous sounding voice came from the top of the stairs leading away from the, now filled with black smoke, basement.
”Veerle?” Merlijn asked sweetly. He couldn’t see, but he just knew the girl standing on top of the stairs was his twin sister.

“You bet it’s me! What the hell was going on! You’re going to blow up my house…” Merlijn didn’t listen anymore. He knew his sister, and he knew when she was raging, and what he had to do when she was raging. That was to shut up and let her do her thing.

When she had threw shut the door, some plaster fell on Merlijns head, and he had kicked his stupid machine that made his feet throb, he went upstairs and directly to his room.

Merlijn locked his door and looked in the only small mirror that his room contained. His room itself contained a small bed, one small armoire and loads of books. On the armoire itself, there was a bowl of water to clean his hands. He looked through his glasses, to the black face of root. He put his glasses of and washed his face.

Reidel woke up when he felt the world shake. “probably Merlijn.” Reidel hugged the small woman who was sleeping next to him.  He smiled down on her. She was small for her age, but her personality made up for it. Reidel was more hesitant, but Damisa never thought before she said something.

Damisa sighed happily in her sleep, and Reidel laid himself close beside her. He fell asleep again when he heard Merlijn get into his room.

Darma hummed on her favourite music. Waving her hips on the music. Her black hair with a purple glow in it fell over her back. Her hands made sensual movements in the air.
She had a great body that she knew how to use. In her room, placed on the attic of the mansion. Veils and silk filled her room. Pillows were strategically placed everywhere. She had the largest room of all 7 habitants.

The last two habitants, living on the second floor, were Helena and John. Best friends, and chairing a room for the costs. They had known each other from when they were toddlers. John was the more silent type, and Helena was really extravert.


When it was time for breakfast, Veerle called everybody to the eating hall. Veerle had leader capacity in her blood. She owned this house, and all the members were friends of her. They looked at her when things needed to be done.
Sometimes, Veerle hated the job. Especially when her twin brother Merlijn. She liked him, but he could be so… Merlijns sometimes.

The first two to enter were Helena and John. “Good morning Veerle!” Helena said.  John nodded. Veerle wondered why Helena, such a different person from John could keep living with him. Veerle hadn’t heard Johns voice so many times. And they both had lived here since Veerle first moved in here. Perhaps John was different when they were alone..
Merlijn, normally always to late entered the dining room next.
”Veerle… I’m sorry..”
”That you blew up one of your inventions again?”
”Yes.” Merlijn looked at the floor. Probably the only reason he came instantly.
”You!” Veerle said She pointed at her twin brother. She wasn’t really mad at him anymore, but he should feel really guilty. Perhaps then he’ll stop with his inventions. Probably not though…
“Sit down and eat your meal.” Veerle grinned at her brother, and he smiled back. He silently went towards his seat.
“Hey Merlijn!” Helena who set next to John, greeted Merlijn. Helena liked the mad scientist, and supported him all the way. He still had some smears of black on his face that he hadn’t  washed of.
John looked at Merlijn and grinned. “What went wrong?” John asked. He was interested in the newest invention of Merlijn. He didn’t really understand the twisted way of his thinking, but it seemed rather usefull.
“It’s all clear to me now. The power came from the wrong direction…” Merlijn started talking and forgot the world around him.  He didn’t even notice that Dharma came in.
Dharma was a girl that knew how to use her body to get everything done. She seemed always sleepy, her eyes were always half closed and she had a deep and pleasant voice. Dharma used slow movements, was always calm and had a cloud of incent around her.
She was quickly bored, and science didn’t interest her at all. It all had to revolve around her.
Breakfast had already been going on about half an hour before both Damisa and Reidel got in the room.
”Good morning!” Damisa said and took place on her seat. Reidel himself sat next to Damisa and started eating.

Strange reptiles and their riders

“Look!” For once Dharma’s eyes went open all the way. She pointed outside the window. All the other people turned their heads towards the window Dharma was pointing at.
Melijn was the only one who was still talking about his invention. 5 minutes later, when Veerle hit him on the arm, and Merlijn looked around him. He blushed softly when he saw Helena smiling at him. She whispered in his ear: “Something landed on the lawn.”
”Wha..” When Merlijn spotted the greenish reptile, he got up and ran as fast as he could towards the large reptile.
When he got outside, he looked up towards the head. He pushed his glasses closer to his eyes and grinned. He touched the flesh of the reptile and started to examine him as every scientist would. “Fasinating..” Merlijn said softly.
“Merlijn!” Veerle’s voice came from behind him. “I’m so sorry.. He’s just of the world.” She said to the person standing next to the reptile. “It’s ok. She likes it.”
”It’s a she?” Merlijn looked up from one of the wings he was looking at, and pushed his glasses back. The head of the winged reptile looked at him. “Yesssh. And I can talk.” She said.
”Magnificent…” Merlijn said and looked at the teeth of the reptile.
”Merlijn! Where are your manners?” Veerle said. She and the others had ran behind him, and they saw the girl standing next to the reptile-looking creature.
The others were all mumbling to the others, but only Merlijn was the one who didn’t notice anything exept for the creature standing there in all it’s glory.

When Merlijn had stopped examining the reptile, he joined the others and saw the girl for the first time.
“My name is Mary. I’m from a world called Icarus. This is my drak.” She pointed at the green drak that bowed her head.
”She and I have a rather special assignment. We have to find potential aspirants.”
”I felt a sssstrong vibe coming from thissh house.” The drak looked at all the spectators. But sseeining you here.. I can’t pick one..”
”That means that we can all go?” Damisa said and grabbed Reidels arm. She pinched it from excitement. “Lets Go!”
The others too were excited and all got to Icarus.

“You can’t all go here on Chindor Castle. It would be to crouded. There are other castles too that need aspirants.” Mary said. You have to pick where you want to go.” 

Veerle and Merlijn both went to Savannah castle, Reidel went to Wo Yao Fei Castle. Helena and Dharma went to Acicade castle, Damisa went to Chindor Castle, John went 
to Dun Keiba

John on Dun Keiba had to be judged by the High Prince and High Knight before he could enter the aspiration. But he passed without any dificulty :)

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