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Name reidel
Siblings none
Personality reidel is rather overprotective towards Damisa, although that isn't really neccasery...
Reidel will jump without thinking into the mids of a fight if somebody he cares about is in trouble. 
Because of that, he hasn't got loads of friends, but the ones he got, are the best to him.


Name Vlatasu
Place of hatching Chindor
Age Adult
Personality hot-tempered but very faithful, and will always defend their Knight


When both Maya and Zonnysuta had left the open space, the next drakling was already standing in the spotlight. This time it was a fire in all it's glory. The fire drak watched both aspirants closely.
His mother called: "Vlatasu.. What'sssh wrong?"
"Nothing really..."
"Then why don't you come with me, I know you want to." Reidel said unsure. He had felt the drak slip into his mind, but didn't really know what to think from it all.
"OK." The fire drak got up and left towards the feeding stand.


Reidel never forgot that day when he bonded Vlatasu. 
It was even his best memory ever. Reidel waited impationatly until he would be reunited with Damisa, and when he did, she fell in his arms and be together for ever. He loved the mornings where he could see her sleep and could hear both their draks breath in the cave next to theirs.

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