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Name Merlijn
Siblings His twin sister Veerle
Personality Merlijn is a clear scatterbrain. He forgets everything one he starts one of his inventions. Sadly though, his experiments always blow up in his face. 
He has black hair and light blue eyes, his skin is really pale because he lockes himself up in the basement for days.
If he wouldn't be such a scatterbrain, perhaps he would see that one of his roommates fancys him...


Name Daiisdu
Place of hatching Savannah
Age egg
Personality serious and thoughtful, very quiet but deeply intelligent


Merlijn and Harvey, two brainiacs from Earth were the last remaining aspirants. Sarah had counted the eggs, and she had counted only 6. One of these men wouldn't bond tonight, or at least that was what she thought.
Aardenis pushed forward two little night draklings. One was male, the other female. Was it possible? Twins.. Sarah thought when she saw the two draks strode forward.
"It was nice spending so much time with you in our egg brother!" The female part said as she nuzzled her brother.
"Yes it has. Don't forget me."
The male part waited until the other part had bonded.
"Daiduis" Aardenis called when the female wobbled towards Harvey.
"Will you be my bond?"
Harvey pushed his glacces back and smiled at the drak. "Of course."
"Daiisdu" Aardenis called for one last time.
"It must be this ground. Because of the crash I mean..." Merlijn muttered to himself.
"It happens from time to time." The male drak Daiisdu said to his bond.
"Really? I must experiment.."


Merlijn loved Savannah castle. He was near the crashsite and had all the room he needed for experminting. he would never leave. His drak was very pationed about his work and enjoyed to help with his accid.

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