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Name Helena
Siblings none
Personality Helena is a really calm girl, but loves to talk. She is gentle in her ways, but loves to gosip. 
Helena has a "secret" crush on Merlijn, but he always walks with his head in the clouds, so it really is hard for her to make thing clear.
Soothing as she is, perhaps that is why John trust her enough to speak to her?


Name Churaka
Place of hatching Acicade Castle
Age drakling
Personality relatively energetic with a very optimistic view


The last three remaining draklings were shoved into the light by their dams, who, quite understandable, wanted to get to the food themselves.
The last from Warencha's clutch was a Forest female, ordinary in built and size, but with a noticeable shy glance in her eyes that appealed to Helena, a young woman who'd always loved taking care of those less outgoing then her.
"Hey, what's your name?" she asked as the dragling came closer.
"Me?" the Forest squeeked, the added, "Parixha."
"Want to be mine?"
"Can I?"
All the Forest optimism returned and within a minute's time Parixha was jumping up and down in glee, coming close to needed to be restrained in her joy of getting both a bond and food.




The optimism of Parixha didn't really get smaller. She was a wonderful drak that made everybody around her happy with her sunny personality. She loves to fly, eat and play with her bond.

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