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Name Damisa
Siblings She got 5 older brothers
Personality Damisa is a rather small girl, but because she grew up with 5 older brothers, she can't be overlooked. She knows how to fight and how to be a lady at the same time. 
She loves Reidel, but he can be rather overprotective from time to time, and then she'll just smak him and tell it to him.


Name ??
Place of hatching ??
Age Adult
Personality very stable, personality-wise, always choosing defense over offense in any fight


The second drakling that came from behind her mother was a grey coloured drak that almost disappeared in the shower. Damisa almost hit her new bond when she stepped next to Damisa.
"Henna" Rhaynna called.
"Let ussss play in the rain!" Henna called out.
Damisa grinned at her drak, and both left the circle of aspirants.


Rain streched herself when she was enjoying her midnight splash of rain. It was good for her skin and well who wouldn't love this rain. 
Damisa liked the rain too, but it was getting a bit too much for her. Every time there was a shower, Henna would go out with her nuzzle high up towards the sky.

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