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The first school 

Iyru walked slowly through the library. Her mind was far away from the books that she absently looked at.
She had done nothing really since she had created Quaihd, and even longer when she had created the dragons. 
She was actually getting rather bored, and now that all the luitanents and newcomers had settled in, she had even less to do. 
And now that Dannyx had been brought back to life by Fairlight, she had lost a very good friend to talk too. there was still Enid, but she always said talk to Siggy, he'll solve your problems, and since Iyru wasn't going to talk to a skull, she stopped that too.
She had been secretly thinking of another project. The population on CyaTri was getting larger, and Dragon Tears was blessed with many children. 
"Iyru?" It was Oisin that interupted her thoughts. She smiled at him and kissed him quickly. "I know that look.." Oisin said rather carefull. "It usually means that you are up to something. Are you going to lock yourself up again?"
"No... perhaps.. No..." Iyru smiled at him and pulled him into one of the darker corners of the library. "I would like to start a school... For the children. But I need your help and that of all the luitenants actually.. But what do you think?"
"Great! I could learn them some of my music."
"Yes.. And I could learn them all the sience there is in the world!" Iyru couldn't help it, but her hands made gready movements. "I'll go ask them right away."
"Good luck honney." Oisin knew Iyru well enough to let her go as soon as she had something in her mind.

At night, Iyru couldn't sleep. She was tossing and turning all night, and couldn't stop thinking about the school. She had just the right room for it, here in the library. it was a large dusty room that they hadn't given a perpouce jet. Tomorrow she would have to talk to Enid, Tasrin, Fairlight and Dannyx.
She got out of bed. She knew that she wouldn't go to sleep any time soon, and she was just irritating Oisin too. She walked outside to the warm sand and sat there. Safyre was playing in the dark ocean, and Ghaia had found a good place to sleep on Iyru's shoulders. 
Iyru was drawing plans in the sand, but stopped when she saw a rather yellow shimmer.
"Who's there?" She asked. She wasn't scared, she knew there wasn't anything dangerous on Dragon Tears.
"Oh it's you Bloesem." It was one of Quaihd's friends. So that ment that the other two were around here somewhere too.
Soon she saw the bat and ImmerNacht. The two cherubbunies played with Safyre and Quaihd pushed Ghaia asside.
"Quaihd! That wasn't nice!" Iyru called out. And Ghaia shipred angry. She disapeared, and Iyru knew that she had gone to Oisin and sleep there.
"So.. Do you want to hear about my evil plan?" I asked
"Oh yes! I love to hear it."
When Iyru was finished, even Quaihd wanted to teach the students. 
"I can learn them how to be sneacky!"
Iyru giggled and nodded. Quaihd didn't like rooms very much, only his lair.

Iyru stayed there with the 3 dragons and Quaihd and watched the two moons slowly descending. Iyru sighed and told Quaihd that she was going back inside. He told her that it would probably be best if both bloesem and ImmerNacht would get some sleep. He had turned both bunnies into nightcreatures, and it seemed that they liked it a lot.
She streched her stif muscles and went to Enid and tasrin. She knew that they would be awake from early daylight.

"Hello!" Iyru knocked on the door and entered. Tasrin hadn't heard her, and was singing rather good in the shower. Iyru grinned and made a mentle note to tell this to Fairlight. She would love it.
"Good morning Iyru! this isn't usual for you?"
"No.. But I had lots on my mind."
"Need Siggy?" She asked walking to the bedroom.
"Nooo.. Enid.. I was just wondering what you would think of a school."
"A school.. Could Siggy teach?"
"Euhm... Yes?"
"Tasrin! You were talking last night about how kids were these days.. Well.. Iyru wants to start a school. You could train them."
Poor kids. it flashed through Iyru's mind. She knew that Tasrin was rather army-oriented..
"Finally! I'm in."

Next in line were Fairlight and Dannyx.
"Oh great! Maybe somebody can help me then. I am rather swamped."
"Lot's of people need love aperently."
"And potions take longer to make then to drink them."
"It's the same with tea.." Iyru said absently.
After a long talk, Iyru was going back home, and then the real work would begin.

The First Lesson

It had taken a month before the room was something like a classroom. Iyru had made a blackboard, Fairlight had made the old smell disapear with some of her potions, Enid and tasrin had been busy with the furnutere, and Oisin with making instruments. Tasrin had also made some hard parcour for the students to go thourgh every day. It would make them strong. Iyru thought that she would get a lot of notes from the parents...

In the first class were5 boys and 7 girls. (Tasrin was disapointed with the number of boys.)
They were all very enthousiastic, and it was clear that they all wanted to learn.
Iyru wanted to learn them to write and then read and also some sience. Oh she was so excited.
Fairlight teached them more about incense and wich to use when, and Enid learned them about problems and how to tell it to a skull, or perhaps another thing.
Spectical came when Quaihd entered the room with his two bunies.
"This is Quaihd. I made him." Iyru said, and she couldn't help but feeling good about all the gasps in the room. 

When the first day had ended, Iyru was tired, but really content. All the others were happy too with the result. 
later, when the students of Dragon Tears were ready, they would all go to the diferent parts of CyaTri, and learn more about the locations.

A year later

All the students had made it this far. Most of them were skilled in writing and reading, others were more interested in herbs and then some were interested in Siggy.
"Ok students.. We are going out of this boring classroom." the room was filled with drawings, plants and even bottles that Fairlight had brought.
A chear went to the class, and all were getting up at once. 
For the first day, we're going to go to the Whispering Plains.

The Whispering Plains

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