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Sparen Forest

"Whaa!" It was Caroline who screamed. Nick came to the resque, and she fell madly in love. It was obvious she would stay here.
Iyru checked Caroline if she was alright. She had almost fell down a rather tricky part. And when Caroline was staring in Nick's eyes, Linsay impressed one of the Kits. She had stopped worrieing about everything, and was just happy that she had impressed so many. She was actually going for the full dragon tears pet set. This one she called KitKat

Nick loved the attention of Caroline and he kissed her hand when they were going to leave. 
"You are coming bck right?"
"Of course!" Caroline said smiling.
" I can't wait. And for the rest... Good luck in bonding a dragon."
Iyru was surprised by how Nick had behaved. Now that he had fallen in love, perhaps he would grow up. But that wouldn't be...

Ankyla Forest

"Ullys!" Iyru called out when she saw the luitenant of Ankyla.
"Iyru! How have you been? And are this the sudents I heard so much about?"
Iyru and the others went to sit on the soft grass and looked at the wild peacocks roaming around. 
"Do you want to come allong?" Linsay asked one o them. It shirped hapilly and then went back eating. "I'll call you hongr" She smiled. And then turned back to ullys and his talks about the forest dragons.

"Do you need any help with the aiden and everything?" Maya asked softly.
"I could always use an extra pair of hands." he smiled friendly at her as if he knew what it had been for her to ask such a dearing question.

Eiken Forest

"Oh.. Dragonflies!" Linsay said. She hadn't found a place jet where she wanted to go after school, and she knew that there was a possebility that a dragon didn't want her because of all the pets. She didn't really care as much as when she had gotten then a week ago. She had lots on her mind just by taking care of all her pets. And this time it was no different. A dragonfly found her interesting and joined her party.

Angelique walked in front of the row, and talked to Sarah along the way. Angelique loved forests, but this one had something special. This one was mistirious to say the least. Perhaps therefore it was the home of the camouflage dragons.

Angelique would come back. She told Sarah, and then made a promise to herself. And when they got to the library, she was followed by Caroline and Maya. All 3 girls were giggling and planning there future, but first there was one more place they had to go to.

Arachnida Ice

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