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Traveling by boat

Iyru had been looking out for this day. She had always loved the ocean of CyaTri, and now she was wondering who would want to stay here. Normally, Safyre couldn't join them, but now because it was on her erretory, she was swimming happily in front of the speedboat iyru was driving.
"Hey guys! have I ever told you the story about the two bay dragons?" it had been on the first day they had crashed here. Iyru had taken 4 eggs together with Oisin. But two eggs were lost in the vast ocean. But the two eggs had hatched on the bottom of the sea and had bonded eachother. 
All the girls found it a romantic story, and the boys rather thought they were to old to hear stories. Iyru grinned when some of them looked at the ocean with renieuwed attention in search for the two dragons.

After the rather calm trip through the ocean, they set foot on Cohuchi bay. Later this day, they would go to fairlight's ilse.
"Thio! Hello!" Iyru liked the man a lot. He was calm and always funny in his own way. maria and Manu both ran towards Iyru and she hugged both sea drakes. They were so outgoing. And she smiled when she saw the rather disapointed look on the critters eyes when she put them down again.
"How was the trip? not to violent?"
"Not at all. The sea was calm today. Nobody was sick." Iyru smiled gratefully.
"Why don't I start with showing Baja? You have all seen Safyre, but she is a special dragon that hatched from the crash. I'll tell you guys that later when there is time.." Thio winked.
Again one of the students was a bit more interested than the others, and it was no surprise to Iyru at all. Lyli was hanging on Thio's lips. Iyru had seen her play with Safyre as well and with the two wild bay dragons, although it was a secret that she had to promise not to tell. Safyre had made her promise.
Leo and Lynsay were sitting next to eachother, and between them popped a little green head. It was a seadrake. 
"Oh no..." Linsy whispered. Next to els and Dart, she now had jet another new friend. She called him weed and he loved the sound of that. It seemed that Linsay had a thing with critters. All the girls were jealouse with her for impressing so many, but not in the bad way.

"What are you going to do now?" Thio asked the students.
"We're going to Kunmie isle." Some of the students answered, and Thio smiled.
"That's going to be fun!" He grinned. "Have fun. I hope you hade fun here too."
"Of course!" lyli answered a bit to loud. She blushed and turned her face to the ground.
"I'm happy that you found it good." He smiled at her and both Maria and Manu went to her to make her feel better. She giggled softly.

KunMie isle

Valentine was already waiting for them and when they saw the pink dragon with matching ribbons, some of the girls gasped. 
The dragon bowed and leaded them through the forest.
Not long after they had started there journey, Linsay gasped again and jumped in the open arms of Leo. iyru started to think there was something going on between them. 
"Don't worry Linsay.. it's a buzzer. they live here all around the place." It was Fairlight that doomed up from behind some trees.
"Hello Iyru!" 
"We're still on time right?" Iyru asked. 
"Of course! Follow me." Fairlight and Iyru walked in front of the students and were talking light old times. 

At the home of Dannyx and fairlight, the students were all rewarded with a little drink and a plant.
Kaat had always been a very intellegent girl,but also very quiet. She normaly didn't say a word, but now her mouth wasn't standing still. It seemed she shared the same love for herbs and potions. This could be the help Fairlight had asked for.

Going back home

"Kaat? aren't you going to get a dragon?" Lyli asked her best friend.
"Of course.. But I think I want to learn more here. And then we would be really close too!"
"Yeah that would be fun!" lyli said. 
"But where do you want to go then?" I believe the desert. Perhaps I get a special dragon." Kaat said misteriously

Veryi Desert

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