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Arachnida Ice

"So cold...." Bram muttered, and even Kaat said something about the cold.
It was the best place to be thought Linsay, but she had the warmth of all the dragon tear pets. And soon one would come along. A white Ice dwarf first followed the group, and then jumped in the blond hair of Linsay and never left it until late that night when she was going to sleep. 

Zriss was a man on wich you could see that he had lived through many winters. And even Linsay, who wondered if there could have been a more beautiful place, loved the cold.
He talked about the klimate, the cold, and even the cold summer. Most students were still freezing after the warm cup of hot coco, but tried to listen as much as they could.
And when Zriss showed them Smeltir, they forgot about there cold for a moment. 
Linsay fell madly in love with the 6 limbed dragons.

Kethoda Isle

"Now students.. I want you to see the last habitat of dragon tears. But I must warn you not to muck these dragons. If people don't take good care of there dragons, they go there where they get special care. I don't want you to come here ever again. It isn't good for the dragons. You won't see a dragon too. For they have become scared." Iyru wanted to show them what would happen if they didn't take good care of there dragons, a last lesson before school had finished...

even there, Linsay bonded a hermit. A shelled critter from kethoda. She called it gluck.

It had the right impact on the students. Iyru knew that they would never treat there dragons badly.
"But you must promis not to tell anybody about Kethoda. If you feel the urge to talk about it, talk to Enid or even Siggy. I wish you all well Students of Dragon Tears."

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