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Veryi Desert

"It's so hot here!" Linsay complained. She had never complained before, but then again, she had to take 4 critters with her already, and soon a 5th came along as well. Linsay loved all her critters, but she was almost crying now. Why was this happening to her? Enid had talked about perhaps getting afraid of getting outside, but that wouldn't happen.. Her critters would all push her outside. Iyru was wondering if she would ever get a dragon too, after impressing all these small pets.

Jack came to them on the same way tasrin walked. Quickly and never hesitating once. All the students knew what was going to happen. They all were tired and thurstey, but jack wouldn't hear it.
"Perhaps giving them something to drink?" Iyru sugested. Tasrin was looking happy at the way Jack was handeling things here. He secretly hoped that jack wouldn't find a girl that would make jack soft.
"There is an oasis just up ahaid. But if anybody even thinks of swiming in it, I'll personally kill him." Jack looked angry at them. All the students were scared of him, and he grinned happily when they were all drinking the water.
"You could be a bit less mean!" It was one of the students that said something against Jack. Iyru wanted to come between them, but tasrin stoped her. "Let them." he whispered.
Bram got up and walked slowly towards Jack. He was rather tall and he could controle his anger god. And he would always stand up for the little guy.
"How dare you!" jack started.
"No how dare you? You are the one who let's us die out of thurst!" 
Jack wanted to say something, but his dragon Zand jumped between them. 
"I like him." Zand said to Jack, but it seemed that everybody had heard it.
"No Zand, don't do this to me."
"I'm not doing anything, Jack. But he's just a good candidate. I won't let you kill a good candidate."
Jack looked at Bram and stuck out his hand. "You heard her too. Welcome a board." He grumbled.
Zand turned around and looked at the other students. "And you... Kaat.. You have great potential." She bowed for the rather small student.
"Thank you Zand."
"No need to thank me." The dragon nugged Kaat and then drank something and was gone.
"You see, you don't need to interfeer in everything."
"Wait untill Siggy founds out!" Iyru said angry.

Back home

"Thank god.. I'm in normal tempatures again." Linsay said gratefully.
Leo looked at her and smiled. "But it was a pretty oasis."
"Yes it was..." Kaat answered. "I loved the place.."
"And Bram.. You were daring today!" Kirsten said. "I would have never deared to do that."
"It was nothing. are you coming kaat? We'll enter in the Desert Aiden."
"Yes! I'm coming."
"Next up The Cliffs!" Kirsten called out

Hoorn Cliffs, Deadly and Fylaris Mountains

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