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Fylaris Mountains

"So you haven't been to my brother yet?" 
"No.. I though it would be better not to visit the Turner family in one day." Iyru said smiling. She knew that both youngest members were rather devils.
"So.. These are Summit Ice Dragons." He said with a rather big wave. "This is Gita and the pets here are called Gosthwings. Oh there's one right now."
And it wasn't hovering over Linsays head for a change. Pieter was the lucky one today.
"I'm in luck today, i can feel it." But as Linsay had said the words, another Gosthwing came to her. Pieters gosthwing was a auracollored one, and he called it Aura. Linsay had a sunburst type, and she called her Nici.


"Can I cotinue with the lesson?" Rick asked
"Of course you can" Pieter said with a grin when he looked at his Aura.
Rick told them everything that he knew about Fylaris Mountains, and that was a lot. 
"Thank you Rick for your explanation." Iyru said
"And who's going to come back?" Rick asked the group.
"I am." Pieter said.
"then I hope to see you soon!" he called out.

Hoorn Cliffs

Asriel was waiting below the hoorn cliffs, on the sands. "Welcome young travelers." He called out. "You have to go all the way up there!" he called out and grinned when they all saw to where they had to go.
"I would start quickly."
"We don't have time for that now Asriel." Iyru called.
Asriel was disapointed that Iyru had taken his fun away. "Ok then.. Follow me.." He took the much faster and less difficult way up the cliffs.
After being 'attacked' by butterflies, and of course one staying with Linsay (a diamond rare butterfly called Sparkle) they arrieved at the Aiden

Asriel talked and talked about everything that he could come up with. At the end of his long monologue he said "and now forget everything I said and look at my beautifull Cliff."
Kirsten got up and walked toward the Cliff dragon. She scratched the neck of the cliff, and Brir said that Kirsten shouldn't leave. She was a good scratcher... Kirsten promised Brir that she would return as soon as she could, and even faster than that.

Deadly mountains

Although iyru and the Students were tired, they all agreed to take a look at the Deadly mountains.
"Look geyts!" One of the students called out.
"Oh no!" Linsay said, but it was too late. A metal geyt was already nuzling here.
"How do you do that?" Caroline asked her not unfriendly.
"I don't know..." Linsay said with a sigh. that made number 8

"Welcome all, and don't let the name fool you!" Salla called out.
The students laughed a bit nervously. It wasn't every day that you entered something deadly.
"Luca has told me that you all are great listeners. Well, I'll tell my story then."
Salla talked about the geyts, and gave Linsay some typs on how to get it nice and shiney since it was a metal geyt.

Once salla had done, and the students had said goodbye to her and eachother, they all left, except for Pieter, Kirsten and Max. 
They were already dreaming about living up the high mountains and cliffs.
Max would go to the deadly mountains. He simply loved the name, the pets and the dragons.
Kirsten had promist Brir to come to the Cliffs and Pieter had told Rick he would come back too.
But tomorow, they would go to the Forests

Ankyla Forest, Sparen Forest and Eiken Forest

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