Name: Jack
Age: 35
Gender: Male

Description: Jack is a bit smaller than average for a man and has a complex about putting on weight. He has a tanned skin and dark wavy hair that he likes to dye on occasion. He has a small goatee, a large nose and bushy eyebrows. His brown eyes are warm and usually lure people into thinking he's harmless. His easy banter only add to this effect. Jack is an agile fighter though, preferring the sword but not above using what he finds to triumph.
Personality: Jack is a complicated man. He cares for his family but they sometimes drive him up the wall with their actions. The fact that they're all growing up and rebelling doesn't help. His wife is a frail woman so she's often sick. Now that the children are older that isn't so much of a problem anymore, but his mother seems to be ailing and his eldest daughter seems to be in a bad relationship... the problems just keep piling up. Fighting is his way to cope with his problems, letting all his frustrations go in battle. 
Family: Married to Lucia, Has four children: Maya (f), Willa (f), Dyr (m) and Barm (m) who are in their late teens.  

Class: Fighter
Role/Position: Front of Main Party
Work Ethic: Likes to be busy and takes up new projects to keep from worrying about other things. 
Pets: -- 
Bond: ?? from Isla Weyr

Dungeon and Dragons: Level 3 FIGHTER
Hit die: 10 Hit Points: 25 Armour Class: 15 (Chain Shirt + Shield)
Feats: Fighting Style, Second Wind, Action Surge, Martial Archetype
Skills: Atheltics (sprint)
Ability Scores and modifiers
STR: 15 (+2) CON: 13 (+1) INT: 9 (-1) WIS: 12 (+1) CHA: 12 (+1) DEX: 11







Lantessama Isle - Isla Weyr
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