Name: Lisbet
Age: 32
Gender: Female

Description: Lisbet is dark-skinned with soft black hair that covers her ears and neck, deep brown eyes, a big nose and luscious lips. She is tall and thin and likes to keep in shape by running since her job isn't all that physical. She likes to wear bright colours and designs that show off her assets. Because she is in charge of the maintenance, she keeps her tool belt close at hand at all times/ 
Personality: Lisbet is practical with a tendency to get deep into new fads. If there's a new diet getting rave reviews, she'll try it. If there's a new clothes shop that is being talked about, she'd already have been there. Her love of trends will never interfere with her work though and she'll keep everyone's gear in top condition and even add a handy feature now and then when she gets the inspiration. 
Family: Lisbet is married and has one daughter. She also has a younger nephew she dotes on.

Class: Artificer
Role/Position: Maintenance & Mobility
Work Ethic: We just don't know how she gets it all done AND writes such lengthy faqs about her work. 
Pets: --
Bond: ?? from Isla Weyr

Dungeon and Dragons: Level 3 ARTIFICER
Hit die: 8  Hit Points: 15  Armour Class: 12 (Padded)
Feats: Magical Tinkering, Spellcasting, Infuse Item, Artificer Specialist, The Right Tool for the Job
Skills: Investigation
Ability Scores and modifiers
STR: 11 CON: 9 (-1) INT: 13 (+1)  WIS: 17 (+3) CHA: 14 (+2 DEX: 12 (+1)







Lantessama Isle - Isla Weyr
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