Name: Absin
Age: 30
Gender: Female

Description: Absin is a sturdy woman with long, muscled limbs, and a broad chest. She has slightly curly blond hair and grey eyes. Her skin is pale and doesn't seem to tan much. She has a button nose and noticeable chin. Absin wears the minimalist clothing of her class but covers up with a cloak. Her weapon of preference is the axe as she can use her considerable strength to do a lot of damage. 
Personality: Absin is a straightforward person. She does not like to mill around talking, in stead giving her unwavering opinion again and again and again. She can argue even when the others agree but just word it slightly different. The others have learned to just nod and let her have her way unless it's something they don't really want. When in battle or dungeons, Absin usually leads the party so the enemies focus on her and the others can use their skills without being hindered. She is not easily scared and has faith in her strength and endurance.
Family: Absin is married to Wilm (m) and has 3 young children Tühr (m), Fynn (f) and Wut (m).

Class: Barbarian
Role/Position: Tank/Front of Party
Work Ethic: Absin is a precise worker, a leader who won't let others walk all over her.
Pets: -- 
Bond: ?? from Isla Weyr

Dungeon and Dragons: Level 3 BARBARIAN
Hit die: 12  Hit Points: 32 Armour Class: 13 (Hide)
Feats: Rage, Unarmored Defense, Reckless Attack, Danger Sense, Primal Path
Skills: Athletics (endurance)
Ability Scores and modifiers
STR: 15 (+2) CON: 15 (+2) INT: 9 (-1) WIS: 5 (-3) CHA: 14 (+2) DEX: 12 (+1)







Lantessama Isle - Isla Weyr
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