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Name: Noemy
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Description: Noemy is the baby of the group. She is a woman of average height with pale skin (sometimes almost sickly pale) with rust-coloured long hair, high cheekbones and delicate features. She likes to wear comfortable clothes at work but really loves to dress up when she goes out with friends. She has quite a few friends in other groups and at times goes on a trip with them to get away. Her walking stick isn't just for show and packs a good punch. 
Personality: Noemy is friendly and outgoing. She still takes a bit longer than the more experienced members to get her work done but she shows promise. She has a tendency to ramble and talk during work, even when she is on a tight deadline. She takes care to finish her work though. In this campaign she's been given more responsibility and she's certain to step up to the occasion. 
Family: Single, still often stays with her parents and younger sister. 

Class: Ranger
Role/Position: Scout/Long Distance
Work Ethic: Overachiever with a tendency to want to please others despite it meaning a lot of overtime. 
Pets: -- (she's trying out with a plant first)
Bond: Greened Air - Lapis Lazuli Dainath (f) from Isla Weyr

Dungeon and Dragons: Level 1 RANGER
Hit die: 10 Hit Points: 10 Armour Class: 15 (Padded)
Feats: Favored Enemy, Natural Explorer
Skills: Acrobatics
Ability Scores and modifiers
STR: 11 CON: 11 INT: 15 (+2) WIS: 14 (+2) CHA: 14 (+2)  DEX: 18 (+4)


Long before the dragons began their reverberating hum, guests were ushered into the sands and candidates were rounded up. As guests were seated and candidates were located, the dragons began their hum that announced the imminent hatching was about to begin. Despite best effort, chaos ensued as people rushed to the sands to get the best seats, or find friends to continue bets with, and candidates quickly joined those waiting. Once (most) of the candidates were gathered they were led onto the sands. Formality was tossed for those that could not fit into an impression robe or who had shown up too late. As long as the attire was simple and not flashy, the official let it slide. 
The eggs were rocking, some tumbling down into other eggs causing loud cracks that made a few people wince with worry. The Geneticist were there, helping and righting potential disasters - there was plenty of room on the sands but as some candidates moved to eggs they had been drawn to during the few egg touching events - room became a luxury.
From the stands, dignitaries and representatives from all over the Nexus watched as the first eggs shattered - and, as if this was the cue - dozens of eggs rocked, cracked and the tiny hatchlings broke free in heaps of limbs, wings and tail. Watching each Impression was soon impossible but for those on the sands beside the rocking, shattering eggs, it was a very different experience...
"Which one are you aiming for?" Noemy asked the candidate right beside her.
The boy looked up and looked a bit bewildered. Were they even allowed to talk during the hatching? But Noemy carried on, chattering nervously:
"I think I felt a connection to that orangey one, the one with the darker spots."
She glanced at it once more. The egg reminded her of her favourite dress. The one she always wore when she wanted to feel good and special. Although maybe that was a bit too silly a reason. Noemy glanced around, seeing many people and hatchlings around. Among them she noticed the other people of her team and she tried to breathe deep and relax. She could do this!
Dainath came into the world with a delightful cry - only to spread the dark blue wings laced with rivers of gold wide and loose her entire balance. Her hide was much lighter than her body, tinged with green which for some reminded them of the Pernese sky. The two hatchlings she had tumbled into - one rolling around in the sand as if trying to camouflage an already sandy coloured hide, and the other just trying to get the damn shell that was stuck in a very unreachable spot off - both hissed and moved away - the former giving up on the reason for the sand-bath, and the other determined to find the mind in the crowd that could help her with her problem. Dainath snorted at this but turned to the mind she could feel was just right for her. Tail swishing behind her proudly, Dainath came up next to Noemy. 
"Of course you can do this. You just did!" the hatchling grinned, leaning on Noemy’s leg adoringly.
Noemy fell silent as the happiness of the bond overcame her. She smiled as bright as the sun and nothing, not even tripping over her robe as she left the sands, could mar the moment. Noemy waved to a couple of people to signal she was okay and then followed Dainath to her new life. 

Name: Dainath
Gender: Female
Greened Air - Lapis Lazuli 
Genetic Base: Green
Size: Medium Length (suggested height: 7'1", suggested length: 45'11")
Parents: Gold Rathlorielth x Gold Polarith
Species: Pernese
Note: varient of 'Dana' - from Denmark, gift, or wise - English
Personality: supportive and intelligent but with a tendency to daydream. 
     *telepathy: can speak mind-to-mind with other sentient beings
     *teleportation (between): can travel to a different location on the same world instantly (includes time travel)
     *assisted fire-breath: can breath fire after digesting a phosphorous-bearing rock such as firestone
     *telekinesis: can move objects with their mind as per the spell telekinesis


Dainath stared at the horizon and let her mind wander while her rider was busy putting on riding gear and oiling her skin during their time with the weyrling master. It was the same thing every time and really, she didn't need to keep her attention on the actual lesson as she was more of a prop then a student for this one. Noemy's hands were nimble and soft and she never made a mistake, not even while talking non-stop about meaningless things to calm herself. 
The weyrling master took it all in stride and only watched her actions. Within a short amount of time they were ready, ready as they'd been plenty of times before. Only Dainath was still too young to start flying practice. Though it wouldn't be long now. What would it feel like to fly? To flap her wings and leave the ground behind. To dive and spiral down or to flap her wings to lift herself up higher? Other dragons had tried to share the experience with her but it just wasn't enough. Not much longer now, Dainath told herself.
"Not much longer now." the weyrling master seemed to echo her thoughts while an excited Noemy nodded eagerly. 


the green of her hide mirrored the Pernese sky flawlessly, though she knew from tales of other worlds that she wouldn't always merge so splendidly. Her dark wings with cracks and light specks resembled the night sky at dusk. Dainath knew her strengths and knew her weaknesses. She was by no means a queen, nor would she ever have their stamina. But she was smart and she had a stealthy colouration... at nightfall. 
"When I rise, it will be at nightfall." she told her rider, Noemy.
"I don't think you can choose when you fly." Noemy mused.
"Of course I can. It's all about mind over matter. And I mind."
Noemy grinned at the little pun and slapped her dragon's front leg in support.
"If I can do anything to help, let me know and I'll do it."
"Maybe just... sign me up for sometime in the near future?"



Lantessama Isle - Isla Weyr
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