Here you'll find some basic information about the society the humans created after they crashed. 

The setting of Icarus is rather medieval in feel. Since after the crash most of the technology was lost (either in the crash, or used up in the years after), the settlers had to start from scratch and creatively work with the little materials they had at their disposal. But Icarus isn't entirely medieval as anyone will be able to tell. For one, there is a far greater tolerance between humans. Men and women are regarded as equal, as they were on Earth the time the settlers parted for a new world. Also, religion has retreated farther back in the private life of people, and most religions are wide spread and respected.

Icarians live in clusters of houses, ranging from a few (village), a bunch (town) to a lot (city). Most of these settings are protected and ruled over by a lord, usually residing in a castle of his own. Though people are relatively independent, both the regular Icarians and the lords need each other to survive.

In the smaller villages, money isn't much of an issue. People there often trade more than they pay for what they need. But in the larger gatherings of civilization, where not everything is easily kept and traded, people still use a standard currency, as they did on earth.

Clothes of the Icarians are made by hand, either by agile fingers in the family (villages), or by tailors (cities). They're made from natural resources like leather, fur, and cloths resembling cotton and linen that are won from local plants.
A special material that is not widely used in clothing is drak hair. Drak hair grows continuously, as does human hair and thus needs to be cut at times to keep it manageable. These hairs are mostly used in the drak castles by the knights of the draks, but now and then some is traded out to merchants. The most prominent use of drak hair are the tassels on knights' jackets and helmets. the hair used for these comes from their own draks and gives an idea of rank (squires have fewer tassels than knights, who have less than high knights and judges etc).

Technology and Tools
Though far from modern standards, The humans that landed on Icarus did know there way around a survivalist setting as they were headed to colonize another planet. Many had skills that they used to improve living standards. Meaning that there are simple mechanical devices present such as a pottery wheel, a pump, a pulley lift, et cetera.