Welcome to A Guide To Planet Icarus, the information page for the Planet Icarus. Planet Icarus is a whole new world invented by two wonderful people, Derakoh of DeCorvo and Aleia-Nevolei of Sidra, both of which have left Icarus in my care. They created Icarus to be place where draks (four winged dragons) and humans coexist peacefully and fight against the dangerous nex necii.
The guide is still under construction. More information will be compiled very soon! If you have a comment, you are welcome to contact the Webmmistress and express your views (no flames, please!).

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Last Update: 03/03/2022
Updated the Castles page and map with some new prospective building sites.  

Chapter 1 - Introduction
The Castles
Map and Links

Chapter 2 - The Draks
General Information
Drak Colours
The Geneology Center
Clutches and Mind Pairing
Squire Training

Chapter 3 - Lifestyle
General Information
Holidays and Religion

Chapter 4 - The Planet
General Information
Kingdom Animalia
Kingdom Plantae

Chapter 5 - History

Chapter 6 - Contact & Credits
Copyright Notices
Contact the Webmistress
Message Board