Welcome to A Guide To Planet Icarus, the information page for the Planet Icarus, it's Castles and Draks. Planet Icarus is a world with a low-tech setting where people and draks banded together to fight the Nex Necii, a dangerous breed of giant mantis. The worl was originally invented by Derakoh of DeCorvo and Aleia-Nevolei of Sidra, both of which have left Icarus in my care as they are no longer active in the Nexus. 

The world is open for people to contribute and make castles. Be certain to keep in mind that the setting is low-tech and non-magical. People have access to basic equipment, there are waterwheels, windmills but no big electrical grids or modern appliances. Plumbing too is pretty basic, so don't expect hot water to come out of a faucet.  

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Should you have any questions, you can contact me (Trix) on the Nexus Discord or fill in a form.

Latest Update: 12/07/2023
Changed some information on the Castles and Map pages. And added in a rule of thumb on the Clutch page to help with the naming system.

Previous Update: 19/07/2022
Changed the layout a bit to make it wider. Added the revised colour information whereby drak color combination are a bit looser, allowing for greater variety without leading to an overabundance of rares. Added some information to how mind pairing works and adjusted the horrendous time table that had us all in bed by 8.30pm and added a timeline.