The following is a disclaimer that you may put on your Castle. If you don't want to use this one, you may create one of your own.

"[YOUR CASTLE NAME HERE] is part of Planet Icarus. Planet Icarus is an independently created fantasy world that is in no way related to any works of fiction, published or unpublished, sci-fi or otherwise. Planet Icarus is not "Fan Fiction" relating to any other fantasy world, nor is it a derivative of any other fantasy world."

The original ideas for Planet Icarus were created by Aleia-Nevolei, of Sidra Castle. Our eternal thanks for creating such a wonderful and diverse world! We would also love to thank Derakoh of Castle DeCorvo for her work on this site and her willingness to give it to us after she closed her castle.

The embellishers are as follows:
Derakoh of Castle DeCorvo
Cywen of Mi'ihen Castle
Kinavaire of Tsviod Castle
Mihani of Lav'intay Castle
Almiron of Dun Keiba
Scareh of Chindor Castle
Tarsalia of Wo Yao Fei Castle
Marysia of Castle DesCas