Abazzu Castle
Surrounded by a sprawling river delta and swampland, Abazzu sits on a rocky promontory that commands spectacular views of the countryside for miles around. While officially this is for defensive purposes, making attacks from Nex Necium and bandits a challenging prospect, the fact that it's the only dry land in the vicinity may also have something to do with it! Initially a wild Drak colony, Drak-Drak pairings are still common here despite the recent arrival of humans. Do not go into the swamp at night.

Status: Building

Acicade Castle
Acicade Castle is a fledgeling castle from Castle DesCas. With the main land in growing chaos from bandit attacks and ravaging mercenary bands, a small group of knights volunteered to get away from menial jobs restore one of the older castles in it's former splendor. Acicade Castle, set on a hill in a luscious forest was chosen from several older, abandoned castles as it's location was very close to what was believed to be the hideout of a local band of mountain thugs. To warrant their safety while getting started, the knights made an agreement with the resident ninjas for protection that would later be returned in a joint project to have some knights train extra as ninjas to patrol the forest.
Though only recently restarted, the organising is progressing quite smoothly. There are already clutches open for aspirants and there are a bunch of pet adoptions including faerie draks, vulpas, spiders and prutses.
Status: Active

Baskar Castle
Baskar was founded not long after the Crash by a small group that held on to a culture similar to that of Viking’s or early Britannia (as well as a mix of Greek and Roman philosophy). The Clans of Baskar and Raidor built Baskar Castles but after the death of it's Monarch James Baskar, his friend Erik Raidor left to build his own Castle in the vicinity. Rumours talk of betrayal and a possible involvement in Baskar's death. Whatever may be the truth, both castles have been rivals since. 
Status: Active

Chindor Castle
On the smallest island of Icarus lies the young castle Chindor Castle. Two Vikings, Ulf and Scareh, found this little place when they landed on Planet Icarus, after days of travelling with their small boat.
It didn't take long before Ulf and Scareh heard about the strange drak that had never been seen, but that everybody knew from the villagers living on the small isle. He had feathery wings, instead of the normal ones. He only showed himself on foggy mornings on the isle near where the castle was build. 
When Ulf went to explore this so called strange drak, he didn't find it. But what he did find, or better what he heard, was a soft whisper telling him: "Chindor".  From that moment on, the isle was called Chindor and the castle on it Chindor Castle.
Status: Inactive. 

Dawn Castle
Dawn Castle is situated on a cluster of islands in the east of Icarus. Boasting to be the most romantic castle and the place where the sun rises on Icarus, Dawn Castle was founded by High princes Raf on Rain Nelladuar and Xander on Day Chrischisen. The theme of the Castle is inspired by Earthen culture (namely Ancient Roman and Greece) as it's founders were originally Eartheners who by some mysterious means were transported to Icarus and paired. The warm waters around Dawn also host pirates and rebels. Some of these have paired with draks and serve as peacekeepers in the area (though it's not always clear which type of pirate you meet). 
Status: Active.

Castle DeCorvo
Castle DeCorvo, the first castle of Icarus, was attacked after the first (and last) clutch of the castle. Still feasting over the hatching, the castle had let it's guard down. The villagers, angry for the lack of contact with the rest of Icarus, joined the mob, and fought the castle. 
All help came too late, and many knights were killed, among them also High Princess Derakoh. After her death, the villagers saw what they had done, and left their homes. Some out of shame, others because the castle, that had once stood between two hills, was slowly decaying.
Soon all had left DeCorvo, leaving High Prince Kireshan alone with his most loyal men. He, knowing that he couldn't live without his beloved Derakoh, ordered his men to leave him in his sorrow and lock him in the room where the body of his wife laid. Frightened, the men followed his orders and left Kireshan alone with his grief. 
Legend tells that High Prince Kireshan impaled himself with the sword of his beloved Derakoh, and that they are still wandering in the castle ruins, happy together.
Status: Ruined/Haunted. 

Castle DesCas
DesCas, an underground oasis, lays on an island near the crash-site.  When on a run to report Nex Necium in the small desert area, gathering for an attack. Zander, a young nomad man of 23 years old, first found this little oasis. He stayed there to recover before his final trip that would lead him to a nearby Castle on the main land. It was a beautiful place where he fell in love with the dry nature of the desert. Later, after he had impressed Night Perini, he returned there to start his own castle.
DesCas mostly protects nomad tribes that live on the fringes of the desert, as well as some small fruit-growing communities that have sprung up in recent years. It has faerie drak, vulpa and saharel adoptions all within the underground castle.
No descriptions of DesCas would be complete without at least mentioning their extravagant hair stylist. This man, who wishes to remain nameless for now, was the master mind behind the old 'Lara' style and now seemingly has gotten his hands on a bunch of old My Little Pony episodes, though he insists his new hairstyle is completely his own invention and that it should be called 'fluff'.
Status: Active. 

Castle Dun Keiba
Castle Dun Keiba, literally Castle of Racing, was first established as a strictly human castle that overlooked the only large permanent body of fresh water in the savannah surroundings. It was only when nex necium attacks started occurring more frequently that it requested for an armada of draks to support the humans. From that day on both humans and draks have done well at Dun Keiba. The current High Prince and Princess are Almiron and Dominica, half siblings with each their own interests and areas of expertise.
The most noted thing at Castle Dun Keiba are their Racer Draks, a species of wingless reptiles that closely resemble draks, that are used as mounts in elaborate races in the area.
Status: Active (being worked on).

Castle Lanaara
History: Unknown, used to be run by draks solely, now humans have taken over the rule. Lanaara is a mountain castle, with frequent snow and chilling temperatures. Most noted is the wild colony of draks that resides near the castle and that sometimes open up their clutches for pairing. These draks have less of a mane, caused by the frequent fights, and seem to be of Sidra stock. Recently the draks a the mountain castle have convinced the wild draks to let humans mind pair their draklings. 
Status: Closed. 

Castle Lav'intay
Castle Lav'intay, one of the first castles on Icarus, was settled on a small island surrounded by rainforest. It was run by princess Mihani, who faced with a deadly dilemma, chose to seal off her castle from the rest of Icarus to make sure the disease that had infected most of the knights and draks at Lav'intay could not spread. A few lucky knights on business to other castles are all that remains of this proud and valued castle that only had one public clutch. It was also the first castle on Icarus to close and therefore will remain in our memories forever.
Status: Ruined. 

Drockh-Tallahn Castle
Drock Tallahn Castle, led by High Princess Maile on Wind Kimechash and High prince Farai on Night Alevoraw, is a relatively young castle that resides in a chunk of rainforest on one of the larger continents of Icarus. In fact, Maile and Farai started the castle after they met and befriended a clan of wild draks who shielded them from the mob members that were after them. Currently this castle is accepting aspirants and also has faerie drak and vulpa pet adoptions.
Status: Active. 

Mi'ihen Castle
Castle Mi'ihen was the best running castle on Icarus for a long time. It was set in a forested area and was known for it's higher than normal chance of drak-drak pairings. Castle Mi'ihen was led by High Princess Cywen on Water Zaythiel and High Prince Daon on Desert Sirebwyn and vanished into oblivion one day, leaving everyone to wonder.
Status: Abandoned.

Perigee Castle
Perigee Castle is situated in the Southern Hemisphere of Icarus. The Castle is nestled in the forest at the base of a mountainous region. 
More information will be added after it opens. 

Status: Building

Savannah Castle
Savannah Castle was erected near the old crash site after Castle DeCorvo closed since the large desert there still had quite a bit of nex necium activity in it. The castle is led by High Princess Una and High Prince Kyros. Savannah Castle mostly survives on outside trade because few permanent inhabitants remain near the castle. There are a few nomadic tribes that frequently travel past the castle, but none has ever stayed long.
Status: Inactive. 

Sidra Castle
Sidra Castle, one of the two first castles on Icarus, was led by High Princess Aleia-Nevolei on Day Amathist and High Prince Vance on Night Tuonov. Though it struggled relentlessly to remain open, after just one clutch, the forest castle decided to close and leave Icarus to other, younger castles. Though closed now, the pioneer castle won't ever be forgotten by it's descendants who still fly free in the sky of Icarus.
Status: Closed. 

Castle Strelitzia
Strelitzia Castle info to come. All we know is that this castle is situated into the coldest Southern regions of Icarus, tucked away into the mountains and close to the icy poles. Be sure to pack warm clothes when you go for a visit ;-)
Status: Building 

Wilgen Castle
Wilgen Castle is located in the high north of Icarus. The castle itself is warm and welcoming as it uses the steam of an old volcano to warm it's walls. Wilgen is ruled by High Prince Christian on Day Meagiki and High Princess Lana on Forest Arbosdi. Though sporting only a skeleton crew the castle is able to protect the area by some mysterious magical means. 
People who visit can expect Fairy Draks, Vulpas and Spiders.
Status: Inactive.

Wo Yao Fei Castle
Run by Lady Tarsalia and Lord Hubero, a bard in a past life, found each other in a world far from here. Together with Tarsalia's adopted child, named Hywll, they were searched by Mary and her drak Issnidi from Chindor Castle.
Wo Yao Fei castle itself means "I want to Fly", and is laid on one of the larger islands of Icarus. It is near the old site of Castle Lav'intay. Not fearing the disease that brought down Castle Lav'intay, they laid the first stones of their castle.
Status: Inactive.  

Yavier Castle
Run by High Prince Jede on Desert Velridu and High Princess Lephna on Water Lynna. Located in the mountains north of Drockh-Tallahn and close to Sidra Castle, Yavier is always surrounded in a magical fog. At times the castle is hard to find, as if it is not even there. At other times it is very present and interacts freely with the other castles, sending aspirants and exchanging news and duties. 
Status: Building.