Armada [ahr - MAH - duh]
A formation of five to ten Draks and their Knights who fly into battle to protect the people of their Castle. Led by one or more High Knights.

Archives [AHR - kievs]
Records kept by the Castle of important happenings such as hatchings and who paired, Drak mating, etc.

Aspirant [AHS - puhr - ahnt]
One of the young men and women brought to a Drak's clutch at hatching time in the hopes of Pairing with a Drak hatchling.

Castle [kahs - uhl]
A large set of caves and tunnels that house Draks, Knights, and some non-Paired humans.

Deep Cavern [deep cahv - uhrn]
The cave in a Castle located farthest from the entrance, used by Draks to lay eggs because of the geothermal heat at those depths.

Drakling [DRAHK - lihng]
A newly-hatched Drak. Term is used until the Drak is able to fly, at approximately 1 1/2 years old.

Drak-Squire [DRAHK skwier]
A Drak who is able to fly but has not completed their training, used from about 1 1/2 to about 4 years old.

High Knight [hie nite]
One of the Knights that are responsible for the discipline and safety of their Armada and lead their Armada into battle.

High Prince [hie prihns]
The male leader of the Castle and its residents.

High Princess [hie PRIHN - sehs]
The female leader of the Castle and its residents.

Judge [juhdj]
One of the Knights who locates suitable Aspirants to be present at Drak clutches.

Knight [nite]
A person who has Paired to a Drak, completed their training, and is able to fight.

Landing Flat [LAHND - ihng flaht]
The entrance platform to a Castle that is large enough for Draks to land.

Mind Pair [mihnd pare]
See Pair, noun form.

Pair (noun) [pare]
A Drak and his or her Knight (sometimes called Mind Pair).

Pair (verb) [pare]
To join with a Drakling at it's hatchling and become his or her Knight.

Passage [PAHS - sahj]
A process where Draks can teleport instantly from one location to another, through the use of Portals. Can be dangerous, especially with young and inexperienced Draks.

Squire [skwier]
A person who has Paired to a Drak but has not yet completed his/her training, usually up until the Drak is 4 years old.