We were busy creating the history but the message board where the history was located sadly can't be opened anymore. Below is a short summary of the history as far as I can remember. 

We find ourselves on the colonial spaceship Hyantis bound for an unknown destination. On board are a large population of humans, a seed data bank the settlers can use to recreate useful Terran flora and fauna on their new planet. The ship is loaded with useful materials to help the settlers in their first years. 
Along the way disaster of course strikes and the spaceship is forced to land on a small planet in the vicinity. It is the only planet that seems capable of human inhabitation and there is no time to argue. The ship crashes around the planet's equator in a desert area. 
Having been prepped for a similar situation, the settlers waste no time in setting up a base camp at the crash site. At first the crew takes stat of what survived the crash and what didn't. Lives were lost and a lot of the material can't be salvaged. Some remnants of the seed data bank survive. For instance the letter "C" has survived with items such as "coffee" - a blessing for most people, "camels" - a useful way of transport in their current predicament, and "cockroaches" - a mystical message that maybe they are the most ideal creature ever evolved. 
Decisions are made and a part of the crew stays behind to care for the survivors and try to salvage as much of the space ship. Even the hull itself is a valuable resource. Another part of the crew take the newly replicated camels and venture out into the desert, searching for a more hospitable region.
Both parties soon encounter the nex necii. A dangerous breed of insectoids that look like praying mantises. The crew at the landing site can fend them off by hiding in the spaceship but more equipment is lost in the attack. The crew with the camels is out in the open and they seem to face a gruesome dead when they're suddenly rescued by an armada of draks. The duowinged, furred creature spit their acid and drive off the nex necii.
After the battle, first contact between humans and draks is made. The reconnaissance team returns to the crash site with the draks. The intelligent draks learn to communicate with the humans in simple conversations in as few as the 3 days it takes them to travel back to the ship. At the site they help ferry passengers and equipment south to the site where Castle DeCorvo will be erected. 
Over the coming years the settlers do what they can to build a basic society, relying on the draks for transport and defense while building castles meant for defense and towns to house their growing numbers. Humans and draks learn to mind pair, creating a stronger bond to fight the nex necii and finally drive the dangerous creatures back to the most deserted areas of the planet.