Welcome to Acicade Castle!

Safely strapped behind the transport knight who was friendly enough to offer you a ride, you enjoy the sights of being high in the sky, soaring over the Southern Continent of Icarus. Just as you start to feel the ever so tell tale signs of being on a drak for too long, the generous knight turns his head and yells: "We're nearing our destination! Keep an eye on the horizon!"
Arching your neck, you wait and anticipate the sight of Acicade Castle, a squat grey stone structure built on top of a hill that lifts it above it's forest surroundings. The way it's built, with multiple castle walls, defensive towers and looming above everything else in the vicinity, it was given the name 'Impregnable Castle' by the locals. However, you have been given permission to visit the castle, walk through it's century-old halls and dine with it's inhabitants.
After you've landed in one of the vacated plots near the castle, you are beckoned to follow a young blond servant girl who will bring you to your rooms. "I've been given orders to show you around the castle." she says, "If there is anything else you need, don't hesitate to ask."


01/05/2023 Wind Rowyahi's clutch paired. Bark Aiixta has taken up the deep cavern with a clutch of 5 eggs. Clutch will hatch mid 03/2024.
01/11/2022 Creek Hueflox' clutch paired. Wind Rowyahi has a clutch of 5 waiting in the deep cavern. They should pair on May first. 
31/08/2022 Day Zonnysuta's clutch paired. Creek Hueflox has a clutch of 5 waiting in the deep cavern, they should pair on March first.  
28/02/2022 Forest Waikiki's clutch paired. Day Zonnysuta has a clutch of 5 waiting in the deep cavern. That should pair by the end of august. 
31/08/2021: Earth Kangofu's Clutch paired. Forest Waikiki has taken the deep cavern. Normally that clutch should hatch on February 28th. 
30/04/2021: Rain Gegrunsh' clutch hatched and Earth Kangofu has nested in the deep caverns. Clutch is scheduled to open on the 1st of July and should hatch on the 31st of August. 
28/02/2021: Acicade's clutch is open and will hatch on April 30th.
12/12/2020: After careful consideration, I felt it was time to change the Acicade layout. I seem to remember this was one of my "new" layouts but it was just too cramped for modern-day screens. Switching page layouts shouldn't be too difficult, so hopefully I'll be able to upload tomorrow.
27/11/2020: I decided to keep open 3 castles, clutches will happen on a rotational basis. So we start with Dawn, After that hatches we'll move to Acicade and finally to DesCas before starting over. I'll try to hatch every clutch within 2 months so that means 2 clutches per castle per year. If no aspirants come, the clutch will remain open for the next turn in the rotation. If there are aspirants the clutch will hatch regardless of how many there are. So for now Upsbenar will have to wait a bit longer.


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Planet Icarus is not "Fan Fiction" relating to any other fantasy world, nor is it a derivative of any other fantasy world."