Mind Pairing Record 11
Rowyahi tapped on the door and poked her head out:
"Gather the aspirantsss. It isss time."
Her mate Wonasu nodded and soon the buildings that comprised the forest rang with the call to the deep cavern. The five humans who had been judged hastily dropped what they were doing and made their way to the place where they hoped to meet their drak-companions. Vittoria, the feisty pixie-like pirate had been stalking the messengers, hoping to hear from her companions at the other castles. Raysin, the detail-orientated servant from another castle, had been there as well, but more because he had been looking for work for the future. Emialus, the tanned young man with the very long hair from Dun Keiba had been stalking the cooks in the kitchen, trying to learn sme new recipes while Martin had been in the workshops keeping himself busy repairing some of the simple tools and machines that they used on Icarus. Zorah, the ninja-in-training had been observing the castle from in the trees. If not for the traces of other ninja around him he'd think the castle was in danger of attacks but he knew better. His three prutses followed close behind him as the teenager ran toward the deep cavern.
After the last aspirant had arrived and spectators had taken their seats, Wonasu tapped the door to let Rowyahi know that they were ready.
The wind drak from Wilgen emerged from behind the doors, her five draklings following behind her. Though partly obscured, the spectators could see a lot of brown and blue.
"Welcome." she told the audience, "I'll prezent my draklings and then they will choosze."
And with a little flourish, she called forward the first of her draklings. A tan-beige desert drak stepped forward without hesitation and made his way toward Zorah.
"I think I like you beszt. You care for othersz and I will help you. My name is Zurhisu."
The desert drakling eyed Zorah's pets and did not seem to mind them climbing up on him by the strands of his fur.
Next a dark blue coloured wind drak with bright white wings seemed to skip and nearly trip across her feet. She steadied herself and slowed down a bit, but only long enough to make eye-contact with her chosen. She then rushed forward again and landed next to Emialus.
"You look like you know how to take care of yourssself. I like that in a man." she said, "My name is Jasuhi."
"And I imagine you'd like me to take care of you too?" Emialus guessed.
"That's a given."
A red-yellow fire male stepped forward next. He looked around a bit, holding his head high, before he walked toward female pirate Vittoria.
"I've been told you're a pirate. Fire and water may not mix well but I'd like to prove people wrong about that."
"I've been told a lot of pirates pair with fire draks." Vittoria smirked, "But you seem to know more about me than I about you."
"My name is Farhisu. The rest you'll learn soon enough."
The next drakling to step forward was Rowyahi's second daughter. The water drakling seemed to favour teal colours all over and was lighter than your average water drak, seemingly having taken on some of her mother light colouring. And unlike other water draks, she seemed far more energetic and daring as she barrelled across the floor toward Raysin.
"I'll claim you." she proclaimed, "And no-one will come between usss. I am Hisuhi and this I promize."
Raysin's eyes grew bigger, but then he smiled and looked at the drakling in front of him. He recognised her fear of being alone and answered:
"I may not like the woods, but enduring them to meat you was worth it."
The last aspirant waited. He was older than most but had been assured that the draks would not deny him based on age alone. But he was also an outsider. The only candidate, no aspirant, not from Icarus. Would the draks see fault in that? But finally, the last remaining drakling, a soft brown male mud stepped from behind his mother and looked around. Blinking he made eye contact with the shifter and then gazed at him for a while. Painstakingly slow he then approached and finally nodded.
"You will do perfectly. You did not get nervousss nor did you try to russsh me."
"I see you like to make certain of your choices just like me." Martin retorted.
"I do. My name is Weghisu."
"Thank you for being here. Please enjoy the food." Rowyahi brought the mind pairing ceremony to a close.


Clutch11: Wind Rowyahi and Night Wonasu
Vittoria Ricci and Fire Farhisu (m)
trainer: Kerun & Mud Jushiaren (knight & messenger training)

Raysin and Water Hisuhi (f)
Lahgoz & Fire Meisph (knight & messenger training)

Emialus and Wind Jasuhi (f)
trainer: Gert & Ore Skawph (knight training - might swap some of his baking recipes)

Martin James and Mud Weghisu (m)
trainer: Riku & Day Mikoraob (knight
training, judge training will depend on aptitude)

Zorah Zornhill and Desert Zurhisu (m)
trainer: Ignace & Desert Orashun (knight & ninja training)