Mind Pairing Record 6
Margharet waited patiently at the door of the deep cavern. In her 18 years she'd never been inside as much as she'd been in the deep cavern during the last few months. Of course she'd been able to leave regularly and share the burden of watching the clutch with Dru and Naelos. But since Gegrunsh had been confined to the deep cavern Margharet had felt it her duty to support her drak and keep her company. She had brought Gegrunsh lots of presents too, for good measure. Halfway this morning though, Gegrunsh had announced that her eggs were hatching and all but her had vacated the deep cavern to wait. 
The aspirants had gathered in the hour that followed. Margharet knew not all of them would impress. Gegrunsh had said there were 3 eggs and Margharet knew there was a fourth for sure. But there were 6 aspirants. Harud, the lanky instrument builder had been waiting the longest. Then there was Zaiella, a guard from Pern. Cici and Gary Cross-Green hailed from a far more scientifically advanced world and Travaran and Ellanher were envoys from Kynn. So chances were most of these draklings would see more of the universe than she ever had.
Gegrunsh tapped on her side of the door and Margharet carefully opened to see if her drak was ready. Naelos, the sire, stuck his head in above her head and was rewarded with a little friendly nudge from Gegrunsh as she strode out, followed by her four little draklings.
Margharet spotted a lot of white and silver but Gegrunsh shielded her draklings from view until she was at the center of the room. There she folded back her wings and the four draklings stepped forward, two on each side.
"Jasshos." she called and a male ore stepped forward.
The drakling carefully made his way toward the aspirants, his eyes landing on Harud and keeping the young man transfixed. Carefully the newly hatched drak spoke the words he'd rehearsed: 
"Nice to meet you, I sshall join you."
Gegrunsh waited a few seconds before she announced: "Taushos"
This time a day drak stepped forward, a male by the look of his build. The male did not take things as calmly as his predecessor but instead scrambled toward Zaiella. He too had memorised a message:
"I'll help you guard, well not now, but I'll be big and sztrong!"
The two remaining draklings were slender and appeared to be female. Gegrunsh called out: "Riossh".
A rain drakling that looked almost identical to her mother skipped forward a few steps and then sat down to look. Gegrunsh carefully nudged her forward, feeling this wasn't the time to play games. Four aspirants held their breath as the drakling meandered and advanced painstakingly slow. But she couldn't keep hiding her direction for long. She headed to the two spliced humans and sniffed them both, but in the end the sat down in front of Cici and said:
"I think we mezsh well, let'z have lotss of fun."
The last dragonet, an earth female, stepped forward and Gegrunsh called out: "Cenossh."
With plenty aspirants left to choose from, the earth could take her time. But honestly she was certain of her choice and had been from the moment she'd hatched. She had set her sights on Travaran, the bodyguard from Kynn. 
"We'll guard well together." she told him and then urged him toward the table with the food. She'd had to wait a long time after all.
With the mind pairing finished, High Princess Kharone stepped forward and announced: 
"The aspirants that didn't impress are welcome to stay, but it's come to my ears that our sister castle DesCas has a clutch that's scheduled to hatch. You're free to try your luck there. Even if you aren't among the lucky there, our doors will always be open to have you return."


Clutch6: Rain Gegrunsh and Plant Naelos
Harud and Ore Jasshos (m)
trainer: Gert & Ore Skawph (Knight Training)

Zaiella and Day Taushos (m)
trainer: Marigan & Earth Kanasu (Knight & Guard Training)

Cici Cross-Green and Rain Riossh (f)
trainer: Margharet & Rain Gegrunsh (Knight Training)

Travaran and Earth Cenossh (f)
trainer: Ignace & Desert Orashun (Knight & Ninja Training)