Mind Pairing Record 8
Weather at Acicade had been pleasant. The sun's rays were getting warmer, the trees had started sprouting new leaves and just about everyone in and around the castle was feeling the blessings of the coming spring. It was in these promising times that Forest Waikiki's clutch hatched and that the aspirants were called to the deep cavern. The sheltered room with one wall completely made of glass-in-lead was awash with colours as the sun shone through the different coloured panes. Stinga and Phiol, knights to the two draks that ha parented this clutch, stood outside the doors, guarding the mother and her draklings. Zoriyn, the sire of the clutch, seemed calm but his eyes scanned everyone who entered. But the dark mud drak needn't have worried as no strangers appeared to be present. 
The aspirants were guided to a small space in front and to the side of the benches for the spectators. Watchful eyes noted that there was only one man among them, but he didn't seem to be taking advantage of that fact; That one of the girls was very young at 14 - but she carried herself well; That one of the aspirants was a drak of unusual colour, though people had gotten used to her being around for the past weeks; That one had come from the somewhat isolated island-region of Baskar, a place that not had many contact with the outside world since the Castle had been usurped by Raidor; That one was acting a bit funny but if people were to ask would learn that this was because she'd come from another world; And that the last remaining aspirant, with her white hair seemed to be local despite her exotic looks.
Forest Waikik had announced four eggs, but when she walked out, 6 draklings followed her. From the side, Stinga shot her a glare.
"Mathemathicss aren't my strong zuit." the drak whispered as she passed her knight, "But it all workss out."
In the bright light of the day the colours of the draklings weren't a mystery. Green and Brown colours were prominently present but among those a single day drakling stood out. The playful male couldn't contain his excitement as he swooshed right past his mother and headed straight for Alstroemeria, the female spring twilingth drak from perigee Castle. Her white-pink-purple hide seemed to blush as the bright white hatchling nestled himself against her and shouted:
"My name izss Vekyin. Nisze to meets ya."
"Ussze your indoorh voishe." Alstroemeria urged, but the command didn't carry much weight as her tail carefully wrapped itself around her new bond. 
Waikiki released a sound that seemed something between a cough and a chuckle before she formally introduced her son to the world: "Vekiyn, may your energy be as boundless as your enthusiasm and may your mate be patient."
She then turned to the next in the row and continued: "Welkiyn, may your szmart reazoning keep you from harm and may your bond acknowledge your sstrengthsss."
A grass-green plant drakling stepped forward, he seemed to play it cool but then quickly stepped closer to Jephria, the daughter of the leading couple of Yavier Castle. Her carrot-coloured hair stood out against his hide and her small fire faerie drak hovered above them as they paired. 
Welkiyn told her: "They'll be losing a great seamstress, but you're so much more than that."
Jephria was wise beyond her 14 years of age but she had always struggled in the strict environment her father preferred, so she had yet to gain the confidence to act upon her wishes. But Welkiyn knew she would get there and he'd be right along. Anyone not liking that would have to take his criticism and scorn. 
Waikiki then urged her first daughter forward. The small forest drakling was slender and flexible and seemed to be a bit shy. 
Waikiki announced: "Foressst Comynki, daughter dear, learn to be ssstrong and confident and to enjoy life."
The small forest scampered toward Tess, who dressed in bright clashing colours seemed to have all the confidence the little drakling lacked. 
"You ssseem nize." Comynki told her.
"I have yet to develop a taste for roasted drakling." Tess quipped before she patted the drakling on her head and said: "I'll keep you safe, no worries."
Three dragons remained behind Waikiki and all of them were coloured in shades of brown. Two of them seemed particularly close and seemed to act in a similar way. The two of them had in fact hatched from the same egg. Because of that they were on the smaller side but with proper care they would not stay small. Waikiki saw the strength of her mate in them and knew that they too would head straight for their dreams. She wished to caution them to not forget that there was more to life than work and duty. 
"My twin ssonss Menkiyn and Liekiyn, follow your hearts as much as your minds and find those people and things that you truly love, starting with your knights."
The lighter, tan-coloured Menkiyn headed for the white-haired Malina. The adventurous daughter of a soldier kneeled when the desert drakling reached her and said: "My name iss Menkiyn, I will go with you."
The darker, brown Liekiyn headed for Maimoun, the serious glass artisan from around Castle DesCas and said: "I'm Liekiyn, I will join you."
"Even if joining me means you'll have to leave this forest behind?" Maimoun asked. He had come to like the abundance of trees and shade the forest offered, but he had pledged to return to Castle DesCas and he would keep that promise. 
"DesCasss iszn't that far away." Liekiyn insisted, he'd been told where all the aspirants were from and in truth Maimoun was probably the one who would remain closest to home. 
The last drakling was another female, this one also white but with soft-brown wings. Waikiki waited for her to come forward and then said: "Senynki, know that you won't always be right, but be true to yourself."
the drakling cocked her head, seeming to let the advice come in and then headed for the last aspirant, Astrid from Baskar.
"Why can't I alwaysss be right?" she asked the young woman.
Astrid impulsively answered with all the idealism of her youthful years: "Maybe we can't, but we can always try to be just." 
The spectators cheered and applauded as all the draklings had successfully paired and headed for the waiting buffet where the new pairs were congratulated and the older knights who were free to train this batch of squires were waiting to make acquaintances.  


Clutch8: Forest Waikiki and Mud Zoriyn

Tess (f) and Forest Comynki (f)
trainer: Stinga and Forest Waikiki (Knight & Judge Training)

Maimoun (m) and Mud Liekiyn (m)
trainer: Phiol and Mud Zoriyn (Knight Training)

Malina (f) and Desert Penkiyn (m)
trainer: Aimon and Forest Jaryunha (Knight Training)

Astrid (f) and Earth Senynki (f)
trainer: Gert and Ore Skawph (Knight Training)

Spring Twilight Alstroemeria (f) and Day Vekiyn (m)
trainer: Louise and Water Vyreduis (Knight Training)

Jephria McDairmid-Ridsaw (f) and Plant Welkiyn (m)
trainer: Kharone and Forest Warencha (High Princess - Diplomatic Training)