Name: Xetho
Age: 27
Gender: male
Description: Xetho is maybe the most mysterious of the Forester crew. He doesn't talk much and likes to spend his time in the forest more than he would inside the cabin talking. Even though Lynn has tried teasing him, the guy doesn't seem to react much and even if she thinks he could be cute if he'd just shave off that silly beard and cut his black ponytail into a more stylish haircut, Xetho has yet to take her advice and change his appearance. He seems to be perfectly fine with looking a bit rough around the edges and generally does not acknowledge criticism. Though Lynn bickers about his appearance, she has had a crush on him for some time now, mainly because of his two lake-blue eyes that always seem to be considering something important.
Skill: Foresting
Pets: Earth Faerie Zoe (f) from Drockh-Tallahn (forum).
Drak: Creek Hueflox (f) from Chindor Castle.

Mary helped him and Odette down from Issnidi and then almost immediately vanished again, excusing herself that she was meant to meet someone where she'd found them. She'd only pointed them toward one of the staff of Chindor Castle and told them to explain their situation. 
Odette took the opportunity to ask about her family, leaving Xetho to fend for himself while she was led away by the attendant. Xetho didn't mind really, he wasn't hurt and could wait a bit. If he had his way he'd return to the cabin as soon as possible and would make sure the others were alright.
But as the hours counted on, it became harder to try and ask someone to take him back to the forest. Even asking for a ride to Acicade seemed to be something difficult. 
Left to his own devices, Xetho lingered at the outskirts of the castle, looking out over the sea. He'd never been on an island before and the sight of the steel grey waters gave him an uncomfortable feeling. He wasn't used to such openness. He felt terribly exposed.
A silver drak with blue wings approached and said: "Breathe."
"I'm trying." he replied.
"And failing." she said, tapping his shoulder with her tail to release some of the tension.
"My name is Hueflox, what'sz yoursss?"
"Xetho." he said.
"Well Setho, good thingsz come to thosze who wait."

Hueflox had been right of course. Only two days later he'd seen Lynn land on a desert drak she'd apparently paired at Wo Yao Fei Castle. He was even more surprised when she asked if he'd be willing to form a relationship with her.
"Weren't we dating?" he'd asked her and saw her face split in the most beautiful smile.
Apparently she hadn't caught his intentions but Hueflox had told him he'd at least need to say some things out loud even if he acted on them. Pairing the quiet drak was maybe the best thing that had happened to him but she'd told him there was far more to come.
They'd journeyed back to Acicade where they joined one of the armadas but in truth just returned to his old job. He'd returned to the cabin, finding a note from Giles and at Acicade he'd heard about Doshi. Now they could only wait to hear from Rayne and Morphe. 

Hueflox joined the Opus I Armada at Acicade.
Mated to Desert Gooruill (Lynn)

the Others:
Xetho - Rayne - Doshi - Morphe - Lynn - Giles - Odette

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