Name: Lynn
Age: 24
Gender: female
Description: Lynn is a young woman of lithe build with short-cut blond hair, green eyes and legs that would make even the most faithful of men turn and ogle. Due to her job as a runner to a remote forester station she is well trained and fit enough to chase her vulpa Omer around when he's stolen her food again. In truth, Lynn is a cheerful person, honest, tactless but very dependable. She might tease and jest when times are good, but she'll be ready to help when times are hard.
Skill: Running
Pets: Spotted Grey Vulpa Omer (m) from Acicade Castle.
Drak: Desert Gooruill (m) from Wo Yao Fei Castle.

Lynn had to wait two days before Hywll could tell her that Xetho had been ferried to Chindor Castle. Hywll's partner Mary had run into him and had carried him to safety along with a young woman. Lynn felt just a little pang of jealousy at that message.
Which left her to wonder. Could she ask to be taken to Chindor? Would one of the knights take her there when most seemed to be quite busy? And what when she got there? She wasn't in a relationship with Xetho yet, they'd just flirted back and forth a bit. 
"You sseem troubled." a dusty brown drak mentioned.
Looking around, Lynn didn't spot a knight for the drak and figured she could tell the large beast about her worries. The drak listened quietly and then gave his honest advice:
"You ssshould juszt sspeak your honessst feelingsz."
"I know." she sighed, "But what if he doesn't like me?"
"Then you know and can move on. Sssurely there are more malezs on the planet."
"I guess you're right." 

Gooruill touched down in Chindor Castle and waited for his newly found knight to look around and find the one she loved. He silently rooted for her and checked to see that he too had caught the eye of one of the unpaired "wild" draks. The female was an unusual colour. Silvery grey with blue-green wings that glowed bright against her muted hide. 
He watched as Lynn carefully approached Xetho, spoke to him and then smiled. Apparently he wasn't averse to having a relationship. Gooruill felt relieved and waited to see what plans his knight had in mind for them. 
"Are we sstaying here?" he asked her.
"I think I want to go back home." Lynn confessed, "Acicade is a beautiful castle."
"Then we sshall do just sso." 

Gooruill joined the Fugue Armada at Acicade.
Mated to Creek Hueflox (Xetho)

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