Name: Doshi
Age: 31
Gender: male
Description: Doshi is a man of many talents and trades. He's tried just about everything there was to do on Icarus and failed at just about everything, leaving him with few options aside from turning rogue. Just before he was left without options though, he was approached by Rayne who offered an option. If he were to infiltrate a band of thieves and give the foresters information, they would make it worth his while. Doshi agreed but sometimes wonders if he can keep up this life of deceit and lies.
Skill: Acting, Spying
Pets: none
Drak: Mud Zebruoh (m) from Wilgen Castle.

Doshi walked around the unusual Castle. He'd been brought there by Jihan and Night Wallendisaw who were tasked with protecting and defending the castle. Seeing as there wasn't a village or road in sight it was maybe no wonder that Jihan had been found on the other side of the globe doing whatever it was he did. 
It had been a couple of days since Doshi had come to Wilgen Castle and though he'd heard that several castles had had knights in the area who'd gone to help people in the area, he hadn't yet gotten news about Rayne or her crew. Nor had he heard anything about Xetho and Odette. He had heard that the earthquake had caused trouble in quite a few villages along the mountains. Jihan seemed to know more about what had caused it but he wasn't sharing. 
With his days surprisingly free and the number of people in the Castle surprisingly few, Doshi was generally left to his own devices. He didn't like being confined and had started roaming the grounds. The place had a kind of wildness to it that appealed to his senses. 
"I don't sssee people around here ofthen." a deep voice suddenly spoke to him.
Doshi looked around, searching for the man that had talked to him. It took him a while to spot the dark brown drak that was camouflaged by the trees. 
"I'm a guest." Doshi said, "Waiting for news."
"That exzplainss a lot." the drak said, "My name is Zebruoh."
"Nice to meet you. I'm Doshi."
Doshi continued talking to the drak, finding the company comfortable to his own astonishment. Zebruoh had a clarity of thought and a sharpness of mind that made him a good conversationalist and he was witty and attentive. He told Doshi about life aroudn Wilgen. The Castle was hidden so the draks around it were mostly unpaired or paired their own. It was peaceful but Zebruoh hinted that he wanted to see more of the world. 
"I wouldn't mind showing you. I'm not all that keen on staying put either." 
"I gueszs that makesss usss a pair then."
"Does it?"
"It'sss juszt a formality really." Zebruoh commented.

The people at Wilgen didn't seem surprised when Doshi returned with a drak in tow. They just gave him new quarters that could house Zbruoh and went on with their jobs. Though they did start to give him some work, like patrolling the vicinity with Zebruoh along with one of the resident knights who trained him in what he needed to know. 
Since Doshi wasn't too squeemish about using underhanded means, Jihan happily taught him to make some of the more devious traps they used at Wilgen. It was on one of these study sessions that the unusual knight told him about what had happened to some of the others. Not surprisingly some of the bandits had died, others had scattered but most had been saved. Jihan grinned that a few had returned to living a normal life away from crime and that quite a few had remained at the Castles they'd been brought to. 
"So would you like to stay?" Jihan asked.
"Zebruoh wants to see the world." Doshi deflected.
"There's no reason why you couldn't visit and so some work for us every now and then."
Doshi grinned, "As long as you teach me some things I wouldn't be opposed to that."
The protector of Wilgen Castle was an unusual man after all. He seemed to be able to do things no ordinary man should get away with. They came to an agreement, Doshi would return to Acicade and would join the elegia armada with the understanding that they would travel between castles and keep an eye out for unusual activity as Jihan had been doing. Doshi was used to being a spy after all.

Zebruoh joined the Elegia Armada at Acicade.
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