Name: Giles
Age: 25
Gender: male
Description: As the forest crew's medic, Giles is usually near the station but on occasion he gets called away to other locations. He tries to keep in shape but has been known to enjoy the finer things in life (cheese, wine, fancy food). He has short brown hair and blue eyes. He has a small scar on his face from a cut he got in a rockfall. Giles is usually calm and steadfast in emergency situations due to his training but he tends to be a bit nervous when not in work-mode. 
Skill: Medicine, organisation.
Pets: --
Drak: Water Yolimbu (f) from Wo Yao Fei Castle.

Giles could only wait after he'd been dropped off at Wo Yao Fei Castle. Hywll had returned to his duties and so far no news had filtered through. The next day the knight had told him he'd return to the cabin to see if anyone had returned. 
"More than a few draks were in the vicinity. Survivors could be scattered over just about all the castles. I was meeting up with my partner and she and her drak hail from Chindor. We had people from Acicade and DesCas isn't that far either. Ijkios also said something about a stranger from the north. A drak he hadn't met before."
Giles nodded and hoped for news. Hywll did manage to find out that his partner, Mary had picked up Xetho and a lost girl and brought them to Chindor. But there was no news of Rayne or Morphe. Worried, Giles returned to the infirmary where he talked to Atyra who was in charge and offered his skills to help tend to the wounded. 
There weren't all that many people there and he had already checked to see if some of his crew had been brought in unconscious but he hadn't recognised any faces. Atyra probably only gave him a job because she recognised he had to do something while he waited. 
A few days later, Giles was working outside, tending to some cuts and bruises people had sustained during their everyday lives and jobs. The sun was out and the weather was pleasant which meant more than a few draks were out sunning on the rocks, walls and walkways. One of them, a bright blue water female kept a close eye on him as he worked.
"You do that well." she told him.
"I was trained to be able to care for breaks and open wounds. I wouldn't be able to care for internal injuries or do surgeries though." Giles answered honestly.
"Ztill I ssee that you know what you're doing."
"Thank you."
"I wouldn't mind helping you." she added.
"I know that you're concerned about your friends. I could take you so you don't have to wait for others to look when they have other work to do."
"How would that work?"
"I'm not paired, we could team up and become knights."
"I thought you needed to pair a drak at hatching."
"Far from it, how then did the first pairs form? We're free to choose when or who to pair. I feel that we will get along."

Giles had visited Chindor Castle but hadn't gotten more news. Xetho hadn't known about Rayne nor Morphe but he had told him Doshi had gotten out alive and was probably still around, looking to continue his work as a spy. 
"What do we do now?" Giles wondered.
"Asz I ssee it we have to optionzs. We can go look for them or we can go ssomewhere they can meet uz."
"They would return to Acicade, I'm sure of it." Giles said.
"Let usz go there then."

Yolimbu joined the Opus II Armada at Acicade.
Mated to --

the Others:
Xetho - Rayne - Doshi - Morphe - Lynn - Giles - Odette

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