Name: Odette
Age: 16
Gender: female
Description: Odette is a little grey mouse that works hard to not stand out. She was taken from her family by her father when she was only 7 years old and has since lived in a bandit hideout in the depths of the forests surrounding Acicade Castle. She has dark brown hair she usually keeps tied back in a tail or braid, brown-grey eyes and a nose that's slightly crooked from a fall when she was 14. Odette has been working on a plan to get away and return to her family. 
Skill: Sneaking and fading into the background. 
Pets: golden-yellow vulpa Rikki (f) from
Chindor Castle
Drak: Fire Joaghym (m) from
Chindor Castle.

Mary dropped them off at Chindor Castle, pointed them toward an attendant and then quickly excused herself because she needed to return. Odette went straight for the steward that Mary had pointed to and though she felt Xetho follow, she forgot all about them when the steward offered to see if he could figure out where she'd come from. 
She'd been only 7 when she'd been taken and all she remembered from her home were a few impressions and smells. She remembered orchards and farms and being unused to the cold when she was first brought to the hideout. 
As the steward checked out some things, she was asked to follow a line of people and found herself standing in front of a large door. A mother drak came out and draklings followed. Stunned and trying to get away because she certainly hadn't earned to be here, she heard the mother drak call out a name: "Joaghym." and then the little orange-red fire drak ran straight toward her and nearly pinned her to the ground before she could leave.
"Caught you." he rumbled.

Trained by Snaar and Night Grogoltasu
Knight & Tracking Training

A few years passed and though Odette now knew that she'd probably come from Seruin, she hadn't been able to leave before Joaghym had finished his training. Her drak had grown up strong and healthy and she'd improved her own skills from surviving in the deep forest. Any castle would be happy to have her, but there was only one castle that held any interest for her. She needed to return to Acicade and look for her family. She worried she might not have any left or that they had moved away.
"They will be there." her drak said when he saw Odette furrow her brow.
"That obvious?"
"You've been thinking about thisz for yearsz."
"I'm nervous."
"You'll alwaysss have me."

Joaghym joined the Elegia Armada at Acicade.
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