Name: Paul
Age: 33
Gender: male
Description: Paul has wavy brown hair that just covers his ears, blue eyes and tanned skin. He met his wife and her family when they visited his town. Though his parents didn't like it, he picked up the old trumpet that had been handed down in the family and joined the fair. Since then, Paul has grown as a musician and as a human. He still tends to go his own way, letting his dreams and passion guide him, but he gets reined in by his wife when he threatens to go too far in his ambitions. He tries to help with raising his children, but he's not that talented. He has however helped teach them music as that is something both he and Mirrim knew they would want to share with their children, even from before they were born. 
Family: Married to Mirrim (f, 31) with 2 children: Ondine (f, 14) and Menos (m, 15).
Instrument: Trumpet
Pets: Ore Fairydrak Red (m) from Savannah Castle
Drak: Earth Brando (m) from Wilgen Castle.


Mind Pairing:
Quarreling voices could be heard in the halls of Wilgen Castle. The Deep Cavern was excavated into the rock of the mountain below the human quarters and the area was accessible to draks from the outside. At least it would be if part of it hadn't been closed off to protect Johkian's clutch.
The brown earth drak was arguing with the plant sire of her clutch, Uundo. Both were stubborn draks and the combination had caused quite a few roars and bellows to disturb the residents of Wilgen Castle. Luckily there weren't too many to be bothered by it.
"I've had enough." Johkian finally growled, "Call the asspirantzs!"
What people were present hurried to the Deep Cavern, down winding stairs into the stony mountain. A chill wind blew in but the chill subsided as draks blocked the entrance with their bodies, intent to see the draklings step outside.
Epelia, a fencer from Dun Keiba was the first to appear down the stairs, taking them in a manner that might not be deemed safe. She was followed by Ior, a green-haired rune-fighter. A few minutes later Paul, a musician from around Acicade Castle joined them and then Daniel, a former servant with long red hair. More aspirants had been gathered but Johkian was not waiting any longer.
She strode out, followed by her draklings. One of them stood out, the bright gold and red of his fire colouration clashing with the cold grey and brown of the stone and wood.
A fire and rain drakling paired first before a white-brown earth hatchling, being the reverse of his mother, let out a small noise to ask for approval to move next.
"Brando." Johkian said with a nod.
The earth stepped toward Paul without a doubt and confided:
"I knew it wass you."
The draklings and their squires were escorted to the waiting feast where they would be joined by the active knights to look for a suitable trainer.

Trained by Christian & Day Meagiki
Knight  & Diplomatic Training


Brando fidgeted. He usually was a calm and confident drak but today he would be returning to the Castle of his knight. Acicade. From what Paul had told him, the forests there were less wild, with more vegetation and wildlife. And of course Paul had told him of his wife and he had read him the letters she'd sent, speaking of what was going on there. About how wanted to introduce her own drak to them and was busy creating a new armada for her family as they would return.
"Come on, ladies love confident men." Paul encouraged his drak.
"But what if...?"
"If you don't like each other then so be it. That we're married doesn't mean you two draks need to fall in love. I would hope you at least get along amicably because our children are finally old enough to not fight at every opportunity." Paul joked.
The two talked more and then it became time to leave. Brando opened a portal, a feat he'd only recently been allowed to do on his own, and then they were gone at Wilgen and back above Acicade. The two landed and within minutes Mirrim and Yifeel appeared to greet them.
"I'm so glad you're back!" Mirrim exclaimed while dragging her husband in a hug, "I have so much work!"
"I feel so loved." Paul smiled.
"I could uzse sssome help to." Yifeel said, looking carefully at Brando.
"I'll do my beszt." the earth drak promised.
At least the ore drak seemed nice. Maybe things wouldn't be so bad.

Brando joined the Sonata Armada at Acicade Castle
Mated with
Ore Yifeel

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Farain - Adrienne - Dennis - Zion - Guardia - Menos - Ondine


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