Name: Ondine
Age: 14
Gender: female
Description: With long, wavy black hair, blue eyes and a fair skin, Ondine is very eye-catching. She is however quite oblivious to how others see her and only lives for her music. She's at that age where she goes all out, or refuses to do anything at all. Luckily for her parents and the rest of the family, Ondine isn't thinking about rebelling against her roots. In fact, she yearns to be get better before she's old enough to join the family members that are still travelling. She dreams of standing in front of a new audience every night and spelling the crowd to feel what she feels with her music. She is both a gifted singer and a good violinist and wouldn't want to give up one in favour of the other. 
Family: Parents Mirrim (f, 31) and Paul (m, 33) and brother Menos (f, 15). As children from the main bloodline they have quite a lot of relatives. There's their uncles Laurence (m, 28) and Werner (m, 20), Their Aunts Nioi (f, 24), Rachelle (f, 21) and soon to be Rya (f, 19). And their cousins Farain (m, 19) and Zion (f, 16).
Instrument: Voice, Violin.
Pets: ???
Drak: -- (?) from ??? Castle. (fire?)




Trained by --
Knight Training



??? joined the Sonata Armada at Acicade Castle
Currently not Mated.

the Others:
Mirrim - Paul - Laurence - Nioi - Raphael - Rachelle - Werner - Rya
Farain - Adrienne - Dennis - Zion - Guardia - Menos - Ondine


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