Name: Menos
Age: 15
Gender: male
Description: Menos has short black hair, brown eyes and tanned skin. He takes after his Mother's family in size and build, having more of a lean gypsy body configuration. Even as a young boy, Menos knew he'd never be comfortable as a lead in a piece of music. He had a good sense of rhythm and enjoys being the drive in a piece and so naturally gravitated toward the Cello with it's rich, vibrant tones. Menos also has a nice singing voice but he usually sings as backing to others. As a person, Menos is someone who prefers staying in the background too. He does like to know what's going on and has had his fair share of adventures but he knows better than to boast about them. 
Family: Parents Mirrim (f, 31) and Paul (m, 33) and sister Ondine (f, 14). As children from the main bloodline they have quite a lot of relatives. There's their uncles Laurence (m, 28) and Werner (m, 20), Their Aunts Nioi (f, 24), Rachelle (f, 21) and soon to be Rya (f, 19). And their cousins Farain (m, 19) and Zion (f, 16). Menos also has had a long time crush on his childhood girlfriend Guardia (f, 16).
Instrument: Voice, Cello.
Pets: ???
Drak: Mud Vagawwe (m) from Wo Yao Fei Castle.


Day Nanphaw, ever the exhuberant and impatient entity, loudly knocked on the doors of the deep cavern. Her eggs had hatched a full 10 days before. She'd signaled so and from then she'd received more than enough food to feed an entire armada, let alone her three draklings. But two of them were voracious boys and her daughter took after her in personality and energy, meaning she burned a lot of calories as well.
In fact, Nanphaw felt quite tired, it was a feeling she hardly knew but after today she would greatly appreciate the luxury of a good night's rest. She was also quite relieved that others would now help in rearing the draklings.
Over the last 10 days, the aspirants had been growing restless. They were asked not to leave the castle and especially Zorulle had been going a bit stir-crazy. This was her second castle standing and the fear of another failure weighed heavy on her mind. On the flip side, Tungkhai, had been driving the scribes crazy with his neverending questions. And squeezed between them, Menos tried to soothe everyone by playing music, but even the laid back gypsy was feeling antsy.
So the three aspirants hastily made their way to the deep cavern, joined by a large group of locals aiming to witness the joyous event and to partake in the feast. Impatient, Nanphaw was already waiting for the humans when they entered. Her three draklings stood before her. Two mud-coloured males, one of them having noticeably darker wings than the other, and a bright blue water-coloured female.
"Welcome, welcome." Nanphaw roared.
The aspirants gathered in front and the others found seats. The draklings niffed, twitched and fidgeted. Finally, though it didn't actually take long at all, Nanphaw nodded to her draklings to advance.
"I present you my sons Vagawwe and Kilawwe and my daughter Emweaw."
The three draklings approached the aspirants, asking questions and taking in their scent and stance.
It was the lighter mud male Vagawwe who decided first. He parked his little behind next to Menos and nuzzled his side, making the musician gasp to hold back a giggle.
"I like your quiet ssside... and I know you'll treat me." he said with a knowing look.
Menos wondered briefly whether draks could read minds until he remembered he'd been snacking on a little pie he'd taken from the kitchens. Apparently his drak had a sweettooth and hopefully didn't know he sometimes snuck food out to satisfy his own.

Trained by Bellinde and Mud Lingwe
Knight and Judge Training


Leaving the humid jungle of Wo Yao Fei behind and returning to the temperate forest of Acicade felt like a blessing. Wo Yao Fei had it's blessings but Menos would never get used to the humidity. Or at least warm humidity. He knew cold humidity and knew how to fight it: with fire and clothing.
"Can you feel it?" he asked Vagawwe.
"It's colder here." Vagawwe agreed.
"I hope you won't be bothered too much by it. I've gotten word that my parents wanted me to join their new armada."
"It's a real boon that they were assked to make an armada."
"And that mom managed to make it so we can still go aorund playing music and carrying messages."
"Don't forget we'll probably be asked to judge people." Vagawwe reminded him.
During their training it had become clear that Vagawwe had inherited more than just the colour of his father. And with Menos tending to observe people as he had, it was only natural that they'd received the backing of Bellinde and Lingwe to be allowed to be judges.
But work was far from Menos' mind when they landed. He was hoping to see a familiar face in the crowd... but sadly it seemed that Guardia had not yet returned home to Acicade Castle. And would she? Menos wondered if maybe she would remain at another castle.
"We'll go look for her." Vagawwe promised, sensing his knight's trepidation.
"Maybe I'll start to believe you can read minds after all." Menos said.
"It's just my people reading skillz." 

Menos and Vagawwe joined the Sonata Armada at Acicade Castle
Mated with ???

the Others:
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Farain - Adrienne - Dennis - Zion - Guardia - Menos - Ondine


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