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Name: Wayne
Age: 29
Gender: Male 

Description: Wayne is a wall of a man, with broad shoulders and a stony expression. He keeps his dark brown hair trimmed short. His dark brown eyes see a lot of things that others miss. He likes to wear comfortable clothes that will not hinder is movement. He doesn't like being cold and often wears sweaters and scarves inside during winter. 
Personality: Wayne has always been a private person. Since he started exhibiting symptoms of his obsessive-compulsive disorder he's been having a lot more outbursts. He didn't used to be so emotional. He is a straightforward thinker and will approach problems head on. 
Flaws: Wayne can not slow down to consider different options. He can only move in a straight line. 
Skills: Strong and durable. 
Hobbies: Wayne likes reading.

Nearly everyone had found a friend or companion, but Wayne was wondering now, whether he might? This seemed odd because he would have thought that a Rook would require one early, to protect his charges? The clock looked like it was just about to ring in the new... year or whatever time frame was changing, when a slip of a silvery creature showed up near his hip while he was grabbing another bottle of champagne to share at the table. It wove between his sturdy legs, but he didn't trip. He could hardly be as confidently protecive as he was if he dropped a bottle, right?
"Hungry", came a thought. This creature was more catlike than anything else but not in appearance: her movement was sleek and felt like she enjoyed every step she took. She rubbed up against his leg, and looked up at him with large violet-colored eyes. She looked like marble, pale but not bright, except those frills on her head, which were a shiny pale blue catching the light with metallic sparkles. If her siblings were shiny and reflective (he'd caught glimpses of them, they were indeed) she was brushed and cool, not quite as flashy as some.
But that was fine. Silaki would grow into her beauty, and would be able to keep up with Wayne's reading and strengths equally.

Name: Silaki Moonshield (see LAW key)
     !!Moonshield is the name chosen for these, and will carry)
Gender: Female (+preference as desired)
Size: 7'9" s/l/ws
Build: Leggy and strong
Physical Features: high bodied and long legs, four legs and two wings, with claws on legs only; conical face with small horn on nose, and fanned head fins, otherwise smooth until the tip of very long narrow tail in a small spade; hide that is very shiny, pupiled eyes
Colours: Body solid pale grey, wings solid pale grey, frill and claws and tails spade sparkly blue steel, violet eyes
Stats: Strength 5, Speed 6, Endurance 3, Agility 4, Health 4, Intelligence 5
     * Freeze breath (6)
     * Unassisted firebreath (5)
     * Moon magic (5)
     * Moonlink - teleport via moon light (4)
     * Nexus and Local teleport (3)
     * Verbal speech (3) 
     * Empathy (2)
     * Telepathy (2)
     * Share magic (1)
Parents: Rakki + Sasazik
Personality: Affectionate, Graceful and Independent
Bond: Wayne, Voluntary permanent bond

Silaki coiled her tail around her bond's body. The strong, dark-skinned Wayne let her flex. He trusted her completely and knew she would not harm him. He also knew that when she got this close that there was definitely something she wanted.
"What do you need, Silaki?" Wayne asked.
"You know me so well." the marble-white dragoness crooned.
"I've known you all your life." Wayne returned plainly.
"That is true." Silaki agreed, "And I would like to carry children into this world."
Wayne considered and felt that others would also benefit from making a bond like he had with Silaki. As such he did not feel the need to object. In stead he asked for further details:
"Do you have a place in mind?"
"I do."
And slowly the two of them started planning. 

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Lantessama Isle
Bonded at
the New Years Eve Checkerboard Ball