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Name: Regina
Age: 27
Gender: Female 

Description: Regina is on the small side for a woman, with clear Asian features. She has almond eyes, a wide nose and soft dark brown hair. She's been wearing a crown recently, enhancing her regal air. 
Personality: Regina is well-mannered but since she's been exhibiting symptoms from her obsessive-compulsive disorder she's become very formal. She does not like people addressing her without her clear invitation to speak. Though she won't throw a tantrum, she isn't above sneaky long-distance counter-attacks. 
Flaws: She has no such things. 
Skills: Regina can pretty much move the way she wants and is most valued.
Hobbies: Regina likes observing people.  

There had been numerous clutches displayed in the hours before now, but the clock was at half-the-hour, between two and three to go before midnight. These dragons appeared from a dark-edged archway, their elegant black sire and their long, low to the ground brightly marked dam leading them with encouraging words and sing-song chirping. They were both quite large, Regina noted - their offspring would be elegant and big. Well, 'big' by tall and long standards. Their wings, too, they would be massive! But narrow, long, slinking like shadows around the dancers that cleared away on the ballroom floor. Several of the knockoffs all but jumped over each other to scatter into the room, while the more sedate and proper offspring gazed with what looked like intelligent eyes across the gathering.
How many they had to choose from. Even the scary sharp Death Court dragons could be among their choices.
But one of them, marked like her mother only in dark and subdued shades, chose Regina. They had a conversation that no other was able to listen in on, even though Regina knew that Wipshath could speak. Perhaps she needed practice. And spells, books and learning were in this dragon's future for sure. They would be able to provide this. Wipshath looked into Regina's eyes, and made her choice known without once looking back.

Name: Wipshath (WHIP shath, -TH ending though they're not necessarily pure Pernese several lines have this, and will breed true with it)
Gender: Female (+preference as desired)
Size: 8'4" s/l/ws
Build: slender and snakey, very long tailed
Physical Features: four legs and two wings, feet have apparently retractable claws, wings have large wrist thumbs with thick claws; angular head with knobs having very long and sharp horns, faceted eyes, and a jagged tall crest, echoed on the spade of very long slender tail
Colours: calico (found only in females including any descendants, males cannot show this pattern) clouded markings of dark grey, graphite, silver on body; wings solid dark grey; crest and tail high black; horns and claws light; faceted red-violet eyes
Stats: Strength 3, Speed 2, Endurance 2, Agility 5, Health 5, Intelligence 3
     * Shadow spells (6)
     * Telekinesis (6)
     * Local teleport (6)
     * Verbal speech (5)
     * Telepathy (4)
     * Unassisted Firebreath (4)
     * Shadow Sense (3)
     * Longevity (2)
     * Void teleport (2) 
     * Shift (1) - will vanish from genes quickly in future generations unless bred with shifter
Parents: Calietosth + Dairruinth
Personality: Elegant, secretive and eager to learn
Bond: Regina, Voluntary permanent bond

Wipshath lashed her long tail and flapped her wings, sending leaves, pebbles and even some items across the ground. She was ready. Her time was now.
"I will rise." she rumbled her challenge.
Down below, Regina smirked. Any dragon chasing would have to watch their backs because her wily dragon would kick their arses if they were not careful. Any rider thinking they could get it on with her just because his or her dragon won over hers would have to think again too. She would chose her own lover, protocol be damned. She was the queen and she would make the rules. 

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Lantessama Isle
Bonded at
the New Years Eve Checkerboard Ball