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Name: Thomas
Age: 43
Gender: Male

Description: Thomas has a narrow face and a distinct nose. His long, greying hair that he keeps long and sometimes braid all point to his native-American heritage of which he is quite proud. Thomas often wears loose-fitting robes and almost always carries the symbols of his status with him. 
Personality: Thomas is a patient man. He will keep calm and analyse before he makes his move. Some would say he hides behind the others, sacrificing them to save his own life but this isn't so. He mourns each loss but a good leader knows sacrifices must be made to win the war (or game). Since he started exhibiting symptoms of his obsessive-compulsive disorder he's been making plans and has moved all the pieces to the place they need to be.
Flaws: Thomas is slow to move and quite vulnerable because of it. 
Skills: He alone can decide the fate of the others.
Hobbies: Thomas likes to come up with strategies. 

It was about time. Two hours to midnight, and only one of their group hadn't yet found a dragon friend. Thomas didn't display his irritation at this, knowing that perhaps, the night was saving the best for last?
That illusion was shattered when the dark Pernese pair of dragons brought out their equally dark clutch from one of the side rooms. Clearly they had hatched a while ago, not too long that they would be having difficulty. He'd read up on the various breeds found here at this event, and knew that those of this type needed a bond very soon after hatching. Or what? Or they would die? How barbaric.
Death would be left for the battlefield. Or the board.
It surprised him to realize that the much larger parent of these high-hipped dragonets was the female, but then again many species had larger females. No matter. He'd been sitting, he'd been busy sipping wine and eating cheese on a cracker, having danced enough already... he wasn't there to dance. But he got up anyway, moving closer. The dragon that did walk right up to him, as he had found himself drawn to the edge of the dance floor, was quite dark. Only the edges of his wings were lighter than 'black', save for the brilliant sparkles that glittered on them. Orange eyes, would they change shades as most of this breed? Or would they remain in this state?
Time would tell. They had time. Dovith proudly raised his head, though still young and a little wobbly. 
"You are my king, and I am yours. What games will shall play!"

Name: Dovith (DOH vith, -TH ending mandatory for pure Pernese, will inherit or be modified depending on partner)
Gender: Male (+preference as desired)
Size: 10'6" s/l/ws
Build: high bodied, long, slender
Physical Features: Pernese hide skin with iridescence resembling scaling, four legs and two wings with large claws on all, boxy head with knobs and a low neck ridge, fleshy ridge on rump and high tail, split ended tail, faceted eyes
Colours: gradient from high black at all limbs, head and tail, to graphite on body (barely noticable but feet are much darker than shoulders); wingsails graphite at body and wrist, grade to light grey and show strong iridescent sparkling; ridges are soft black; claws light, faceted eyes orange
Stats: Strength 3, Speed 4, Endurance 3, Agility 5, Health 1, Intelligence 5
     * Verbal speech (6)
     * Unassisted firebreath (6)
     * Telepathy (6)
     * Telekinetics (5)
     * Local teleport (5), Nexus teleport (3)
Parents: Maranth + Minath
Personality: Proud, Playful, Intelligent
Bond: Thomas, Impressed permanent bond

Thomas felt the tug of his bond on his conscious. Awaking fully, the self-proclaimed king was instantly alert.
"What is it, Dovith?"
"I feel restless. I need to spread my influence."
"We can conquer some country." Thomas suggested.
"I was thinking we might go look for our queen."
Thomas considered the suggestion. Conquering was a lonely job, finding someone to trust might not be such a bad idea.
"Who did you have in mind?" Thomas asked, setting up a game of chess.
This discussion was likely to take a lot of time and they might as well play while they talked. 

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