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Name: Alan
Age: 38
Gender: Male

Description: Alan has reddish brown hair that's already greying a bit. He keeps his hair on the longer side and parted in the middle. A moustache and small goatee disguise his baby face. Alan's eyes are a light grey. He likes to wear clothes that are more on the formal side. Trousers, long-sleeved button-up shirts and jackets fill his closet. 
Personality: Alan is a psychologist and has been at the psychiatric clinic since he graduated. He lives for his work and has been fascinated recently by the unusual appearance of three very peculiar disorders that don't seem to be related. He is a restrained man that hides his frustrations well (after all his role in life tends to be canon-fodder). 
Flaws: Has to walk one square at a time. 
Skills: Uses a limp to disguise his limited way of walking. Using his excellent sense of reasoning he's managed to fool just about anyone. 
Hobbies: Researching unusual disorders. 

There were so many of these black and white marked dragons all at once, the only way that Alan could tell which clutch was which was by their tails: this group had spades, the other one bore a split tail. Alan had been trying to reach the nearest bar when Laeurath and Kelirith both decided their clutches to be 'ready'. It was three hours until midnight, it was so hard to cross the floor, even though the dancing was a hundred meters away and the bar much closer to their table. He didn't dare glance back at Thomas and Regina, he knew now what was going on. How it had been such a... game, to the man.
"Then play it with them," said a voice, high and childlike, feminine; and he wasn't sure - had he thought it? Was he now going to be in danger of hearing voices in his head in addition to everything else? Alan tried shaking his head to clear it, but instead found even more voices there than ever.
"I don't care for that man", the other voice spoke in a purring and faintly annoyed, masculine tone. Alan was pretty certain he'd lost his mind.
It did not help one bit that the woman tending bar was a raccoon, Alan wondered about his sanity; but she did reach over the bar to steady Alan's shoulder, and handed him an iced water. "Looks like you'll be needing this, clear head and all," she said.
"My head is anything but clear," Alan muttered.
"Well that is because Plaath is in it," the girly chipper sounding voice said. Finally, Alan pulled back a long drink of that ice water, it was refreshing. He turned around to see... eyes. Pink ones on a black dragon, blue ones on a white. The way those sky blue eyes blinked very slowly was rather cat like. The dragon was very cat like. Like those being paraded around the ball room. The pinker ones belonged to the bigger dragon, though they were about the same size at this stage. Neither of them came to his knee. Both were very... very shiny.
They looked like tiny opposites, save that they both had black wings.
"... Plaath?" Alan glanced between the dragons, and decided that Plaath was the pale cat-like creature. 
"Then... who are you?" He asked of the dark one.
Plaath encouraged him, "why don't you say her name, you already know it."
"Hidth," it was a simple sound, but it came out of him like it had been on the tip of his tongue. Alan finally leaned back, tilting his head to see both the dragons and then the table with his 'friends' beyond. Deborah looked positively over the moon, Thomas with that grim pleased look, Regina just pursing her lips.
"We're hungry," the dragons said in unison, this time both with their voices.

Name: Hidth (HID th, -TH ending Pernese, carries in all offspring unless modified by different breed)
Gender: Female (+preference as desired)
Size: 6'7" s/l/ws
Build: leggy, long
Physical Features: Pernese essentially with four legs and two wings, all with short claws; beak like head with knobs having short horns, faceted eyes, high crest on neck; long tail with spade
Colours: Body solid obsidian black; wings solid, marbled high black and smoke patterns; crest sparkling soft white and quartz; light claws, pink-violet faceted eyes
Stats: Strength 5, Speed 5, Endurance 6, Agility 1, Health 3, Intelligence 2
     * Fllit control (6) 
     * Local teleport (5) 
     * Nexus teleport (3), 
     * Time port (3)
     * Unassisted firebreath (3)
     * Telekinesis (3)
     * Verbal speech (2)
     * Emotional control (1) 
     * Telepathy (1)
Parents: Laeurath and Juth
Personality: Girly, Chipper and Know-it-all
Bond: Alan, Impressed, Multibond with Plaath'Alkar

Name: Plaath'Alkar (PLAth awl car, father's naming convention with added -TH pernese ending, both will carry in offspring)
Gender: Male (+preference as desired)
Size: 5' s/l/ws
Build: catlike
Physical Features: kitty flitter, four legs and two wings, with strong claws including two on wing wrists; head has external ears, and straght back pointing horns, some in this clutch have pupiled eyes, others have facets, hide skin very shiny
Colours: body highly reflective mist white; wings solid, reflective graphite, claws and horns dark, eyes pupiled sky blue
Stats: Strength 2, Speed 1, Endurance 3, Agility 6, Health 3, Intelligence 5
     * Nexus teleport (6) 
     * Verbal speech (6) 5 
     * Blood magic - empathy, life sense, family communication, emotional control (5)
     * Unassisted fire breath (4) 
     * Local teleport (4)
     * Telepathy (3) 
     * Speed (2) 
     * Planeshift (1) 
     * Fire manipulation (1)
Parents: Kelirith and Baniar'Alkar
Personality: Detached, Analytical, Calming
Bond: Alan, Impressed, Multibond with Hidth

Alan didn't remember the last time he'd had a quiet moment. His mind was filled with the voices of his dragons and their chatter. Even when talking to each other, they found it polite to let him know what they were discussing. 
Alan didn't mind it, really. As long as he knew where the voices were coming from, he felt secure and in control. Only, lately those voices had been talking about mating flights, strategic flight manoeuvres and sneaky ways to crash another while either chasing or being chased. 
"If you want to fly, just do it and leave me be!" he finally called out.
"Well if you insist." the sly, girly voice of Hidth replied.
"We didn't really need your blessing but it's nice to have it." Plaath added.
Alan sighed and tried to ignore their renewed chatter. 

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