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Name: Deborah
Age: 24
Gender: Female

Description: Deborah is a tall woman with good posture and long black hair. She has green eyes and a fairly noticeable nose. She stands proud and moves as if she owns the place. Deborah likes to wear dresses and skirts that flare when she turns and has a big collection of high heels to match her outfits. 
Personality: Deborah is a proud woman. She can be stubborn which is why she's so focused on having Alan admit that he is her king. Since she started to exhibit symptoms of her obsessive-compulsive disorder, her bad traits such as her wildness, stubborn streak and pride have only grown. Deborah always goes for the big goals (the queen), the near impossible.
Flaws: Has to always move two steps in one direction and then take one step to the side. 
Skills: Deborah has a natural charm that attracts a lot of people to her. 
Hobbies: Running. 

At 4 hours to midnight, this clutch of dragonets emerged to a rousing cheer. They looked proud and energized, not at all the way many people imagined seeing fumbling fresh-hatched Pernese dragonets. Their feet were big, their wings would be huge, and they were quite long even though their features were still pleasantly chubby from being within an egg. Their eyes were clear, bright, though a few of them winced a little when the spotlights of the Stage drifted over them. Those lights didn't dwell there though, somehow knowing that the dragons were still sensitive. Deborah watched as one dark dragon in particular swayed a step or two and then dodged to the side.
Just like she did? Without even realizing it, she started moving in that general direction, and for once Alan realized as he watched her, it worked on the dance floor. Or rather: it worked around the dancers there. She and the dragon clearly spotted one another, and made an effort to coordinate their strange motion, winding up with Deborah on her knees and the dragonet laying somewhat exhausted with her head on the woman's lap.
"You captured me", the dragon asserted, but she was anything but defeated.
"I was going to say the same thing," Deborah breathed. They made it over to the wide table where the alsylum group seemed surprised and pleased. Thomas in particular appeared to gloat.

Name: Novigodinith (noh va GOD in ith, new year, Croat; traditional -TH ending because Pernese will carry in descendants or be modified by others)
Gender: female (+preference as desired)
Size: 6' s/l/ws
Build: slender, muscular
Physical Features: Pernese four legs and two wings all with short claws, long neck with boxy head, prominent fangs, high crest, faceted eyes; slender tail with spade tip
Colours: body solid dark grey, wings dark grey with lightning marks in mist white, crest and tail porcelain white with mist lightning; light claws, green faceted eyes
Stats: Strength 5, Speed 5, Endurance 1, Agility 4, Health 3, Intelligence 5
     * Assisted firebreath (6)
     * Nexus teleport(5), Local teleport (4)
     * Telepathy, non-human (4)
     * Multibond (1)
Parents: Ancheoth and Tehndarinth
Personality: Determined, Stubborn, Chivalrous.
Bond: Impressed to Deborah

Novigodinith lifted her lightning-marked wings and telepathically alerted her bond, Deborah that she would be rising soon. Excitement zapped through their bond as Deborah's wild and passionate side awoke. The dark grey dragoness threw her head in her neck and let out a high-pitched whinny that was very undragon-like.
Deborah chuckled and wondered just how many cowboys would try to lasso her stubborn bond. And what would they do if she were the one lassoing them? The thought alone made her wish time would pass quicker. 

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Lantessama Isle
Impressed at
the New Years Eve Checkerboard Ball