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Name: Jonah
Age: 40
Gender: Male

Description: Jonah had blond hair and blue eyes. His narrow face with thin lips and high brow give him a stern and cold appearance. Jonah likes to dress in subdued, formfitting attire (think turtlenecks and straight pants), paired with embellished vests that he feels add class to his outfit. 
Personality: Jonah was a stern man to begin with, after he started exhibiting symptoms of his obsessive-compulsive disorder he's taken to talking in riddles. He's also grown quite paranoid and will not trust even the fellow patients. He knows there's a conspiracy going on here somewhere and blames the rest for his predicament. 
Flaws: Jonah is unable to walk in a straight line, always approaching diagonally. 
Skills: His riddles often do seem to ring true. 
Hobbies: His riddle skills didn't come ad random, Jonah has a passion for poetry. 

He was patient, and did not like being here. Too many people, too much noise. But he was bidden to be here, by the king and queen. His paranoid and thoughtful nature hadn't gotten him away from any of them, but maybe it was time to just... let it happen. Dragons were everywhere, magic was in the air. Food was on the table, lots of it, and drink. He avoided both, picking at the chicken salad and sipping water carefully. Old habits died hard. Even if he'd accepted his role, perhaps to encourage Alan and get it over with, Jonah was still apt to be deliberate and careful. He sat with his chair angled, with a good view of the ballroom. Above, a clock struck - but it was a countdown, he'd heard six bells when they arrived, now it was two.
Two hours to midnight, though what would that even mean? He'd been convinced to dance, once, by an attendee he didn't know and wouldn't ask her name anyway. Returning to the table and his ... King and Queen... something felt a bit odd. One of those tall arched openings framing the area had turned bright white with black framing it - magic, because black was the absence of light, how could 'black' be 'bright'? And from it, came a remarkably tall dragon, holding his wings high and proud. In front of him, a much smaller and spiky black and white female. And under their shared wings...
How did they even manage to drag themselves across the floor with tails that long? Held high, or in one case held in their mouth, the dragonets coming from that arch looked to be much older than mere hatchlings. Keeping his glance angled, habit, he caught the expressions on those at the table: Regina's was almost one of avarice. But she had her dragonet resting calmly beside her. Something told Jonah he ought to rise, so he did. He walked toward the edge of the dance floor where room was being made for these dragons. A dark one kept moving closer, though it seemed she was interested in looking at quite a few others in the process.
Until she spotted Jonah, and strode carefully, head in a slightly protective dip. Horns would grow on her head and neck, he could tell they would be black as night like her dark scales. His eyes narrowed.
"I know I am dark," she said, voice clear and deeper than he expected for a young female. "But you see, I am light on the inside too, like you." She opened her wings, a splash of metallic silver and pale mist dancing over them, and as she raised her head up, it wasn't just her muzzle that was blinding, blizzard-white - her neck and belly, halfway down that long long tail, were also white. She would be strong, he just knew that.
"Are you implying that I'm a little dark on the inside?" Jonah countered, but the dragonet just gave off a ringing laugh, knowing that he liked riddles.

Name: High Void Dream'nye (as the word; father's naming convention indicates location or clan, in this case 'nye for New Year's Eve/nt; further generations should follow local tradition or family name for this addition; note also that ^markings indicate strength of magic or inherent abilities, following father's line, not all in this clutch are strong enough in those powers to show)
Gender: Female (+preference as desired)
Size: 12' s/l/ws
Build: slinky noodle
Physical Features: remarkably long, four legs, two wings with very large ice-cutting claws on all; long head with external ears, sharp back-pointing horns, cheek horns, and paired curved neck spines, end of long skinny tail also has sharp spines; pupiled eyes; scaled hide (found in only some of this clutch), armor, will breed similarly to other types accordingly
Colours: Body scaled graphite with high white belly, with markings of high white marked with stars in black, socks of smoke; wings marbled mist and silver; spikes and horns high black; pupiled eyes cyan
Stats: Strength 5, Speed 3, Endurance 4, Agility 6, Health 3, Intelligence 2
     * Local teleport (6)
     * Prophesy (6)
     * Dark Vision^ (6)
     * Verbal speech (5)
     * Void portal^ (5)
     * Telepathy (4)
     * Summoning^ (4)
     * Prediction (4)
     * Body language^ (4)
     * Nexus teleport (3)
     * Speed (3)
     * Void Magic^ (3) 
     * Ice Manipulation (3) 
     * Ice breath (2)
Parents: Smirch + Nekeel
Personality: Wise, Wilful and Humorous
Bond: Jonah, Voluntary Companionship, she chooses to remain with him though it is not a bond

Talking to High Void Dream was like sparring with poetry and riddles. Jonah never knew what she was thinking, but he kept his thoughts guarded likewise. He trusted his dragon but keeping his thoughts private had become second nature. It seemed that High Void Dream respected his wishes but in return kept her distance as well. It was her right, Jonah figured.
But today, she let him have a peek in her mind as she asked:
"Would you mind a little prickling of the senses?"
Jonah arched an eyebrow and returned: "Surely you jest."
"Far from it, a girl has needs as I'm sure a man does too."
"I'm hardly a man girls dream of."
Jonah knew he was far too prim and stern to be the stuff of dreams. A little resentment returned to him and his bond remarked:
"But I am the stuff dreams are made off. And I fully intend to have my fun."
"Do as you wish." Jonah concluded. 
He could always ride this one out in his room. 

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Lantessama Isle
Met at
the New Years Eve Checkerboard Ball