Name: Etyl
Age: 12 (15 at Impression, 18 at present)
Gender: female
Description: Etyl has long black hair and friendly blue-grey eyes. Etyl is smart and mature for her age. Most of her life she's had to put up with her two cousins' mischief which has left her with a big sense of responsibility and a deep dislike of injustice. She looks up to strong, righteous women, but also like to keep the company of her ordinary friends. Etyl needs to belong somewhere to feel safe and satisfied. She doesn't mind change, but would love to keep everyone together as they are now, without losing even a single distant friend or relative.
Pets: Mud Fairy Ruen (m) from Wo Yao Fei Castle
Drak: aspirant at Dawn Castle

As usual the day was pleasantly warm at Dawn, with a light breeze cooling down the stone-covered area that led to the sheltered deep cavern. It had rained that morning, and the area around the castle seemed to be caught in a fog that made the stories about pirates and bloodshed all the more believable. It had been a few years since Etyl'd come to Dawn to study. Raf had felt it only right to let her mature a bit before letting her pair. 
Once everyone had gathered, the heavy doors to the deep cavern opened and the two draks strode out, each accompanied by her draklings. They settled on opposite sides of the door. Meyanal waited patiently as Kuniri strode forward and called out the name of one of her draklings. The fire male went to a pirate which caused loud cheering in the room. One by one the two mother draks named their draklings and sent them out to the aspirants. With each one, Etyl felt her blood pressure rise. 
Until there was only one drakling left. Hardly noticeable against the shade in the cave, Kuniri stepped aside to let a little beam of light fall on her black and gold daughter. 
"Allanri. May you experience as many adventures as there are stars in the sky." 
Even knowing she should wait to see if maybe this drakling would choose not to bond, Etyl couldn't contain her excitement and ran straight to the small female drakling. Stopping just in front of Allanri, Etyl held her breath and waited until the night butted her head against her side and let out a contented sigh. 
With all aspirants and draklings paired, the crowd gave a final applause and the cheers lasted longer now as onlookers and family members swarmed around the new pairs to wish them luck and hear their stories and expectations. High Prince Raf gestured for the food to be brought around, while Xander let in the trainers and some experienced riders to introduce them to the squires. Tomorrow morning they'd start training but tonight was for dreaming and being merry.

Trained by Wim and Mud Fregiki

Etyl had returned to Acicade Castle with Allanri. She was the last of her friends to pair up, mostly because she'd had to wait until she was old enough to try. She couldn't blame the knights, taking care of Allanri had been hard work even when she'd been 15. She honestly couldn't swear that she'd have been able to do it when she was judged. 
"You would have gotten help from others." Allanri said, ever the voice of reason.
"Yeah, but I'm glad I got to do it the way I should have." Etyl insisted.
"Me too." Allanri conceded.
"Are you excited to be joining the Armada?" Etyl asked.
"Probably about as excited as you." the drak replied cryptically.
"So, not much and you think it's all a big chore but you can't get out of it?"
"No... just not very excited."

Etyl and Allanri joined the Opus 1 Armada at Acicade
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