Name: Navim
Age: 14
Gender: male
Description: With their identical faces, heights and temperament the twins Dru and Navim are hard to distinguish from each other. They have spiky brown hair, mischievous brown eyes and a gutsy attitude. They are together most of the time and enjoy fooling people with all kinds of tricks. They are also typical 14-year old boys meaning they have started to notice girls, but don't know how to approach them. They act big, but still need to be reassured occasionally and no hair on their head will ever think of admitting that they were wrong or needed protection.
Pets: none
Drak: Forest Yasuna (f) from Savannah Castle

All aspirants were waiting impatiently in the deep caverns. Navim was hopping from one foot on the other. He was standing a little away from the others. The others, except for Marigan, but she was a girl, were old and therefore not interesting. He missed his twin brother and couldn't wait to go back to him.
The first egg hatched, revealing a brown and green forest drak. The dragon yawned, showing all her teeth and stretching her back paws by pushing her butt up into the air. Wobbling silently towards Navim. Then she sat there, and thought that she had been patient enough. She poked him between the ribs and grinned at him flicking her tail, shaking her butt softly and jumping towards him, letting him fall down and licking Navims face.
Sitting still on him, she said "I'm Yasuna! and I'm hungry!"

Trained by
Maikus and Mud Modnaen
Fight Training

A few years had passed and Yasuna had grown up and had finished her squire training. Somewhere along the way, they'd switched from Savannah Castle to Acicade Castle as they'd known they'd return there eventually. Reuniting with his brother and family calmed his heart though not his temperament. 
"Maybe I should look for a mate just like Naelos." Yasuna teased.
"We're far too young to form a lifelong bond." Navim grinned.
He knew his drak wasn't ready to give up her freedom. But they might get there eventually. Maybe if the right person came along.
"A girl can dream about her fairytail prince." Yasuna sighed.
"You've been spending too much time with Margharet." Navim laughed, "I don't think a prince is what you need."
"A knight then. A wonderful Knight. Maybe someone dark and handsome."
"Just let me know so I'm not caught off guard." 
"I haven't found them yet." 
"Thought so."

Navim and Yasuna joined the Opus III Armada at Acicade
Yasuna found a Life Mate in --

the Others:
Ahynna - Sven - Ojua - Navim - Dru - Etyl

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