Name: Ojua
Age: 13
Gender: female
Description: Ojua has brown hair with a reddish tint. Her eyes are brown and she has a lot of freckles. As an only child she's often had to be by herself during longer periods of time. Because of this she tries to act as grown-up as possible. More so now when she has a reason to act mature. She's fallen in love after all, with a boy 4 years older than her. Currently Ojua lives for love and she's been neglecting some of her duties and friends. It is thought that this will be a passing phase.
Pets: Tan Vulpa Ariena (from Wilgen Castle)
Drak: aspirant at Dawn Castle

Day drak Missalenei had retreated far in the deep caverns and had let the other know through message by Fire drak Reenkios that the hatching was imminent. Reenkios lay in front of the heavy doors. His red hide was framed by the door and two tall Corinthian pillars. On either side of the door were small fountains and baskets with hanging plants.
As about half an hour passed, the tension in the deep cavern started to rise. Aspirants had filtered in, wearing light clothing in the warmth of the afternoon. Suddenly a little tapping sound echoed through the cavern and Reenkios helped open the large doors. Missalenei spread her four wings, shielding her draklings until they were all out. Then she closed her wings and gave the spectators a glimpse of her babies. 
Gasps and sighs sounded through the audience. After all there had only been four eggs and yet there were five draklings standing around their mother. All had different colours so the betters among the crowd theorised that their had not been a twin egg. Maybe the dam had hidden an egg? Only the draks knew. 
The wind female strode into the cavern. She threw her fur and flapped her wings, putting on a great show as she advanced to the aspirants. There were only two left. The drakling looked at Bahjem, the acrobat from Dun Keiba, but then shook her head. She turned to the red-headed girl with a crush and said:
"I think we'd make a good pair, Ojua. My name iss Karosei."
With all the draklings paired up, the gathered spectators cheered and everybody joined the new knight pairs at the buffet where they helped their new bonds with their first feed. There were assorted meats, dainty delicacies and hearty pies. Desserts lined the other side of the table and in the middle water, tea, coffee and a light fruit wine could be found. 
As the party continued, the new knights and their draklings met the older pairs that would be their trainers. They were given their schedules for the next day and a curriculum of courses, which in the first week would be mostly about care and tending of their draks. 

wind Karosei (f)
trained by Caylea and Wind Hyenna (knight training)

Time and training had mellowed out the lovelorn teenager Ojua had been. After 4 years of training she now was a determined Knight who'd returned to her home to join the armadas. The training at Dawn hadn't been as bad as it had sounded. Sure they had to do a lot of work, but most of it had really been caring for Karosei, cleaning their rooms and learning the ropes. 
Ojua still loved parties and male attention though. She just wasn't as completely lost in love as she'd been before. After all, it took two to tango and running behind someone who didn't love you back was wasted time. there were enough fish in the sea after all.
"Enough with the idioms." Karosei sighed.
"What? They liven up my thoughts."
"But now I'm hungry. I want fish..."
"Don't we both..." Ojua winked.

Ojua and Karosei joined the Fugue Armada at Acicade Castle
Life Mate: None Currently.

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