Name: Ahynna
Age: 18
Gender: female
Description: Ahynna has the same blond hair and blue eyes her younger brother Sven has. In stead of making her look gorgeous, the bone structure of her face with lots of straight edges and pronounced features, makes her look strict. And she is in fact not a woman to handle carelessly. She has a sharp tongue and knows how to use it. The punishments she deals to those younger than her are never just boring, they're always a lot of work and aim to learn them something of value.
Pets: Day Faerie Sinsa (f)
Drak: Earth Guposri (f) from Castle DesCas

Wind Umynri let her knight Rhean close the doors to the deep cavern and guard them. She had said with her life, but it was unlikely that anyone would try to enter. Even if anyone did break into the castle, the deep cavern lay several stories underground, lighted by a system of small tunnels with mirrors.
The aspirants had gathered in the nearby mind-pairing chamber and the small fountain of water was frequented more than the heat alone would explain. Stinga and Ahynna were conversing near the tables with food. Stinga eagerly taking the offered diversion. She still twisted her hands though while they talked about their villages which weren't far apart.
The last two draklings, the male desert and the female earth left their mother simultaneous. They both sat in front of the two remaining aspirants who'd moved closer together. Ahynna simply waited. She'd been invited to one of the castles long ago but had only now decided to actually stand for a clutch. To her it was simply something she couldn't ignore anymore.
"I'm Guposri, Ahynna." the earth female said.

Trained by Alexis and Earth Xelet
Knight Training

Flying high above Acicade Ahynna clung tightly to Guposri's neck. Winds had been blowing strong all day and trying to avoid collisions with other riders wasn't easy in such a busy airspot. But the two of them needed to show their skills as the place for High Knight of the new Opus III armada was at stake.Ahynna and Guposri had slowly climbed the Armada ranks, getting more and more responsability and earning the trust of the older riders. Now they just needed to prove to the High Prince and Princess that they were made of the right stuff.
The two of them had practiced endlessly the past weeks. And now in this jousting tournament it didn't seem as if they'd practiced nearly enough. Much more experienced, older knights were competing and it seemed as if they wouldn't stand a chance.
"Don't be ssso peshsimistisc, knight". Guposri interupted her thoughts.
"I know it's bad luck."
"I'm more than able sk to deflect some bad luck. But you mussst keep your head clear or we won't be able to dodge that falling lanssce."
Just barely Ahynna managed to throw her weight away from the incoming projectile. Again feeling the pressure Ahynna tried to remain focused. Adversaries came and went and most of the time she saw that she could keep the upperhand. Unlike some of the others she was still in her riding gear and Guposri had not yet been wounded. Fast and agile the young drak seemed to be able to outfly some of the other contestants.

Two hours later mistakes were being made more often. Knights were getting tired. Some had given up with injuries ranging from slashed wingsails to broken bones. Ahynna and Guposri were still in the air. Clutching her lance tightly she wondered how many were left. Before she could try to count however one of the other remaining contestants lunged toward her. Dodging Ahynna once again appreciated the way Guposri moved along with her. They were as one.
"We can sstill go on for sceveral hoursss." Guposri boasted.
"I'll make sure we don't have to." Ahynna said, her jaw locked in a grim smile.
The two of them twirled around and started to give chase to the knight pair that had tried to crush them. To her surprise Ahynna noticed that they were the only ones left. But this idea was fleeting, easily lost in the adrenaline rush that took over her mind and body. With a roar she drove forth her lance and felt it hit.
And then it was over. They'd done it, they'd won.
"It's real." Guposri assured her, and then added "High Knight Ahynna."

Ahynna & Guposri joined the Opus III Armada as High Knights at Acicade
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