Name Lester
Age 25
Gender male
Origin Pern


Hair blondish brown
Eyes brown

Lester is pale and skinny with thick, light brown hair that reaches down below his ears. His brown eyes have a sprakle to them. 


Lester likes to dream about adventurs and exotic jobs. Truth is he has never been hired and just hangs around town hoping to get a job that will pay the bills. He's been hired for odd jobs, but none have lasted. Lester likes to tell jokes and make people laugh. 


Lester is a quick thinker, but a little to shy to speak his mind. He isn't a daredevil either. When he gets nervous, he starts telling jokes to take the edge off. 


Lester doesn't have much contact with his family anymore. He left them and knows he will return someday, but not now.


Bronze firelizard Sheen (m) from Lantessama Isle



Blue Qoggrekth




Name Qoggrekth
Age Adult
Gender Male
Origin Dragonhope Weyr


Qoggrekth's colour is reminiscent of the purest icy blue mottled with lighter iceflowers. His wings however are the lighter shade of blue that the sky takes on at a cold dawn. 


Unlike his icy appearance, Qoggrekth is actually a warm and friendly dragon that likes to help others and will go to great lengths to keep his bond and friends happy. 


STORY: Roads Entwined - Dragonhope Hatchings - Weyrling Training - Flights
STATS: Averna, Diete, Lester, Kantin, Waver, Zulma

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