Name Averna
Age 23
Gender female
Origin Pern


Hair Black
Eyes Brown

Averna is a slender woman with long black hair, brown eyes and an energetic manner. She likes to wear bold colours and has no problem to show some skin.  
Doll made with a dollbase by Lola.


Averna is very optimistic and loves to live life to it's fullest. She is always busy, trying to cross things from her list or trying something new. Since she has a wide range of interests, she's usually not able to do everything she'd want to. She never gives up and likes to try new things. She likes running and hiking through fields and is very fond of flowers.


Averna is a jack of all trades and master of none. She can usually make things work for what she needs. She has a lot of stamina. She can make a wicked cup of klah.


Averna's parents are farmers who moved to the Southern continent only recently. She has 2 brothers and 1 sister.


Green firelizard called Mia (f) from Lantessama Isle



Green Sraknelth




Name Sraknelth
Age Adult
Gender Female
Origin Dragonhope Weyr


A deep green dragoness with a slightly mottled hide. She has deep blue eyes and a dark green crest that runs from her neck down to her shoulders. 


Sraknelth likes to prance and pose. She knows how to move with grace. She trains a lot to increase her muscle-control and as such can do things you wouldn't expect. 


STORY: Roads Entwined - Dragonhope Hatchings - Weyrling Training - Flights
STATS: Averna, Diete, Lester, Kantin, Waver, Zulma

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