Weyrling Training

"Listen up rookies." the weyrlingmaster yelled, "I won't have people going behind my back and try out things they're not ready for. Practice makes perfect and that's what we expect from all of you. Hard work, obedience and above all, common sense."
Diete flinched as the weyrlingmaster looked her way and desperately pleaded to Esmeth to not make a comment. Luckily, her gold dragon held her tongue and seemed to understand that her rider didn't want to get on the weyrlingmaster's bad side.
"Just so you know, I'll be the best of the class." Esmeth whispered in her mind, the touch so fleeting Diete didn't know it'd been real or an imagined reply. 

Lester joined the weyrling training with the rest of Qoggrekth's clutchmates. The weyrlingmaster was a loud drill sergeant that seemed to just want them to fall in line. Maybe that was the entire point, getting the new recruits in line before they could go on to the actual training. 
Luckily the older hatchlings in training were around to show them how it was done. Lester was glad to see Diete was doing well. After she'd impressed she'd had little time to come to the candidate quarters. Though to be honest they didn't actually really know each other so maybe that was to be expected.
"I'm certain she was just tired." Qoggrekth told him, "Look she's already coming our way."
"Hi!" Lester said, feeling his voice crack a bit because of nerves.
"Hi, I'm happy to see someone I know here."
"Same here." Lester nodded, "How have you been?"
"Tired." Diete said while her dragon, gold Esmeth broadcasted: "Glorious."
"Indoor voice deer." Diete sighed.
"Anyways, let me help you get through these classes. It's easy once you get the hang of it."

When Waver and Pfilhadgth joined the weyrling training, Esmeth and Qoggekth had already advanced to the next group. Waver had always been a pragmatic man so he didn't find it hard to fall in between the lines that the weyrlingmaster drew for them. Pfil however sometimes had trouble to keep from getting the two of them into trouble.
"But the opportunity was there!" he said as Waver was once again telling him to keep the jokes to a minimum.
"I know, but that doesn't mean you have to take it."
Pfil promised to amend his ways but Waver didn't have any doubt that by next week his dragon would have long forgotten his promise. But he didn't exactly mind. For all Pfil's joking, he was a good companion and a kind soul. He just couldn't help himself when it came to making people laugh. And truth be told, no-one should leave their gear out after practice. Which was probably why their punishment for hiding it away in between the baskets of rotting waste wasn't as bad as it could have been.  

They should be training. But what was the point? They wouldn't be joining the wings anyway. Zulma let her feet dangle in the water and watched as her dragon swam in the lake. Some days she still could not believe that she'd impressed. Sifgirth was still small compared to the others but that wasn't important at all. They had each other and knew they'd never feel the need to transport someone else. 
"Join me." Sifgirth purred from the lake.
"The water feels good to you, but it will be freezing to me." Zulma replied.
"Later then." Sifgirth bubbled.
"In summer." Zulma promised.

Leedlenth dove down and performed the risky manoeuvre with an inch to spare. Kantin let out the yell of excitement and achievement that was waiting to explode from within his chest. Something about living on the edge was so exhilarating that he just couldn't help seeking it with his bond. They'd be getting a tongue-lashing from the weyrlingmaster no doubt, but that'd be worth it. 

Waiting for her turn, Averna shook her head as she saw Kantin and Leedlenth take the risk.
"I could do just as well." Sraknelth said.
"I know, but you shouldn't risk it anyway. It's just training." Averna insisted.
Sraknelth nodded and took her turn flawlessly and without risks. At the end she gave a litle flourish that got her an applause and the green dragon beamed at her accomplishment.
"They love me." she crooned.

STORY: Roads Entwined - Dragonhope Hatchings - Weyrling Training - Flights
STATS: Averna, Diete, Lester, Kantin, Waver, Zulma

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