"Why of course I must fly, rider-mine." Esmeth replied to Diete's horrified mind-shriek.
"Why?  I know for a fact you can suppress the desire."
"You certainly seem to be very adept at it." Esmeth acknowledged, "But I am a queen and I must carry on my line. Don't you see? Don't you want children?"
Diete relented a bit on that last statement. She did want children, eventually. And it was the way of the Weyr. Over the past years she'd seen many couples hook up for a short time as their dragons bred and then part ways again. Still, something inside herself didn't feel quite ready to act quite so loose about relationships. After all she hadn't grown up in the Weyr. She'd grown up in a hold where things were different.
"Didn't your mother find a new love after your father left?" Esmeth hinted.
"That was different." Diete insisted though she knew she was losing the discussion.
"You know it isn't. I wouldn't mind sticking to the same partner if they were right for me. I'm just saying we need to look for one or my beautiful genes are going to go to waste."
"Alright." Diete gave in, "But I can veto some pairs if I'm not comfortable with them."
"That's probably something we can arrange." Esmeth huffed. 

Lester had never felt as good as when he'd completed his weyrling training and was admitted to one of the wings at Dragonhope. He now had a job, belonged to a group that would support him AND he had the best partner in the world. 
"There is no better rider than you." Qoggrekth sent back.
The dragon had a way of giving Lester a warm fuzzy feeling that everything would work out. Over the last few years of training, Lester had grown more confident. His body had toughened a bit so that he didn't look quite as juvenile anymore though he'd probably always look younger than his age. But did that even matter? There were dragonriders younger than him who were full-fledged members of the wings. No-one would talk down to him because he looked young. He'd just have to prove his worth and that'd be it.
"You did and you will." Qoggrekth agreed.
"Thank you, I couldn't have done it without you." Lester said.
"Shall we head to our new place?"
"I can hardly wait to get started." Lester grinned, ready to start his new life as a dragonrider of Dragonhope.

Pfilhadgth stood proudly at the end of the line, waiting to be given the assignment that meant they had graduated from training and were now a full-fledged dragonpair. With his chest puffed out and his head held high, Pfil looked his best. You wouldn't think he'd been so much trouble but Waver wouldn't put it past his dragon to have one more joke up his sleeve. 
"You have such a bad impression of me." Pfil chuckled.
"I know you, my dragon. You're incorrigible."
"I aim to please." Pfil retorted with a distinct sparkle in his eye.
The weyrlingmaster came up to them and looked a bit apprehensive. After a short pause however the man spoke and said: "I've been led to believe you'll be returning to Remyndal Hall for your training. We have no problem with that. You are free to seek your luck elsewhere. Though we will always be here should you want to join our wings."
"Thank you." Waver replied.
Honestly he didn't know what he'd be doing at Remyndal Hall anyway. Well, he didn't know what Pfil'd be doing. Smiths were in high demand.
"Why I can take you wherever you're needed." Pfil snorted.
Waver looked up and noticed the little sign that was now attached to the Weyrlingmaster's back that read: "Looking for victims. Please apply."

Zulma had scarcely waited to be given her graduation from Weyrling training. She hadn't signed up for duty and honestly didn't see the point. She and Sifgirth knew they were ready to face the world. Somehow though, people had pursuaded her to stick around long enough for the reception to finish. They'd invited her to the party too, but Zulma knew she wouldn't be going there.
"Sneak off?" Sifgirth whispered seductively.
"I'm ready, my bags are packed and there's nothing keeping me here."
"Ah but there is one thing." Sifgirth replied.
"You do still owe me that swim."
"I do believe the waters are warm enough."
"And the night will be beuatiful." Sifgirth added, "Our first night of freedom."
"I'll toast to that." Zulma smiled.

Kantin walked right beside the flight boards again. He'd been there more than a few times in the past couple of days. He was eager to join one of the flights but no new ones had been put up.
"There will be." Leedlenth nodded with confidence.
"I know, but I can hardly wait." Kantin replied.
"We can always look around in other weyrs." his dragon suggested.
"Travelling has always been something I enjoyed." Kantin nodded, not to mention he'd probably already met all the single ladies Dragonhope had to offer. Maybe it was time to broaden his horizons. 

Averna watched as Sraknelth held her pose perfectly. She was timing and currently her dragon had stood motionless for the better part of 10 minutes. Averna didn't even know how she could do that without even seeming to breathe.
"You do breathe?" Averna asked concerned.
"I do, just very shallow." Sraknelth assured her rider, "It's all about control."
Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the pose of the dragon shifted to something else entirely. It was like magic but Averna knew it was training and cat-like reflexes that had done the job. The pair of them would be joining the scout team and with Sraknelth's skills and Averna's upbringing they were well-suited to the job. Averna also felt that it was time she started being useful again. She'd been waiting and training for too long. Though the time hadn't been lost. it hadn't been what she hoped for.
"We'll do a good job." Sraknelth told her.
"I know. I want my parents to be proud of me."
"I'm sure they already are. They sent you that big basket of sweets after my hatching, and one more at your graduation. Maybe you should go visit them."
"And scare all the herdbeasts? I doubt they'd be proud of me then."
"I could land out of sight and blend with the forest." Sraknelth offered.
"I'm sure you could. Maybe after we've finished our first assignment." Averna decided.

STORY: Roads Entwined - Dragonhope Hatchings - Weyrling Training - Flights
STATS: Averna, Diete, Lester, Kantin, Waver, Zulma

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