Name Diete
Age 21
Gender female
Origin Pern


Hair Red
Eyes Blue

Diete has long red hair she usually keeps in two braids, and blue eyes. She has a curvy body with wide hips, ample bosom and tiny waist. She dos not like to show skin.
Doll made with a dollbase by Lola.


Diete is quite shy, she developed early and got a lot of unwanted attention because of it. She has since learned to keep her distance from men. She learned how to read people and rooms. She has a big sense of justice and will speak up (or use other maybe more underhanded ways) to stop situations she feels are wrong.


Diete can do much more than she lets on. She reads people as if they were books. She has a good memory and has studied a lot about the world. She is an engaging storyteller.


Mother, stepfather and 1 younger sister. 


1 Green firelizard Lassi (f) from Gineya Isle



Gold Esmeth




Name Esmeth
Age Adult
Gender Female
Origin Dragonhope Weyr


Esmeth is a small gold dragoness with a warm complexion. Her wings are lighter and brighten up her appearance. 


Esmeth is small in size but big in presence. She has a habit of broadcasting her thoughts, believing everyone wants to hear her thoughts on just about any matter. 


STORY: Roads Entwined - Dragonhope Hatchings - Weyrling Training - Flights
STATS: Averna, Diete, Lester, Kantin, Waver, Zulma

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